My #1 Cleanser – Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser – review

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

1 fl.oz tube + 1 Muslin Cloth

This face cleanser is very popular in the UK, receiving many awards. I have not heard much about it here in the US, but through many UK blogs and media I subscribe to I kept running into this product and it’s rave reviews. I was very eager to test it out. On Liz Earle’s website I was pleased to find several size options including this small 1 fl.oz available with 1 muslin cloth for $9. I wanted to sample this product without purchasing a full-size and was happy to see this small sample size available.  I received my nicely packaged cleanser and muslin cloth with a free gift of the same exact item of purchase, which was great. The shipping was also super fast. So, I realized of course they made this small size available for sampling because now I am hooked!

This is a plant-based concentrated creamy cleanser that removes all traces of makeup including mascara, yet is gentle. This is the only cleanser that Liz Earle makes, and I see why. It contains ingredients such as cocoa butter, hops extract, rosemary essential oil, chamomile essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, D-panthenol (B-5 Vitamins), glycerin, and beeswax. To use I take about a teaspoon and massage all over face and neck. I do the eyes last so I don’t get mascara all over my face. Then with a warm wrung-out muslin cloth I gently wipe the cleanser off, again doing eyes last, rinsing and re-rinsing the muslin cloth as I go along.  With this system you are cleansing the skin while polishing off dead skin cells and buffing skin with the muslin cloths.

My Thoughts:

This cleanser is remarkable and has quickly made it to my favorite list. This is not like any cleanser I have ever tried before and I love the idea of the muslin cloths. I can smell the eucalyptus oil right away, which was lovely. I did not think a cleanser this creamy and gentle could cleanse my skin so well. It was incredibly gentle, so gentle that when applied all over eye area I was still able to open my eyes without any burning, yet it removed all of my waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner which amazed me. It thoroughly cleansed my skin, leaving my skin feeling fresh and dewy. I find it important for a cleanser to not be drying to the skin.  A cleanser should not rid you of your skins natural oils just as this one does not. You can get yours at I look forward to trying out some more products from Liz Earle, she has a lot of try-me kits available.

Have you tried this cleanser? What is your favorite cleanser/make-up remover? I would love to hear your thoughts

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