FACE Stockholm for JCrew – French Martini

Thumbing through the most recent JCrew catalog im thinking “what a nice sweater, but what an especially stunning lipstick!” You know the look, fresh-face, dewy makeup, messy hair, and a pop of color on the lips. Well I know I am not the only one who is crazy about the makeup. Jcrew has received so many requests about their lip color that they have collaborated with different cosmetic companies in creating limited-edition shades just for them. In the most recent collaboration with FACE Stockholm they created French Martini and Chili Flake (a bold orange-red).


I have been very partial to the soft pink-coral tones that I have seen in the pages of JCrew so I went ahead and picked up French Martini. The reflective silver tube is a bit smaller than your traditional sized lipstick yet carries the same amount of product. In the tube the shade can be quite intimidating, but do not fear. French Martini looks like a bright/neon orange-coral but applies sheer. I would describe the lipstick as lovely coral-pink.


French Martini is a very sheer and intensly creamy lipstick that can be layered for different levels of intensity. In the image above it has been applied in several layers. The lipstick feels a bit glossy and is quite nourishing and non-drying. However it is one of those formulas that will show any sort of dryness you might have on your lips. I would also opt to use a lip liner when wearing this lipstick because it is a bit messy in drawing a clean line. Overall the lipstick is quite beautiful and the shade is a stunner.

jcrew-lipstick-3left – one swipe, right – several layers

jcrew-lipstickwearing several layers

Have you tried the JCrew lipsticks? Do you love the JCrew look as much as I do?

FACE Stockholm for JCrew Lipstick $20 (here)

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13 Responses to FACE Stockholm for JCrew – French Martini

  1. Sunny says:

    I’ve been really resentful that we don’t get J Crew here! This is very much your shade. <3

  2. Lily @ChloeAsh says:

    I’m very sure we won’t be getting this brand here. Looks lovely on your nonetheless :-) Gives you that fresh spring glow, actually.

  3. This lipstick looks AMAZING with your coloring. I mean seriously–perfection!!

  4. Carina says:

    I never knew they did that! Great pick. :)

  5. CokaRabbit says:

    I love this color!! gorgeous!!!

  6. Arantha says:

    Yes, I LOVE LVOE LOVE the J Crew makeup! I’ll have to try one of these lipsticks! It’s much more sheer on you than it looks in the tube!

  7. Re says:

    every lip color suits you amazingly!!!!

  8. May says:

    would love to know how you do your unique eyeliner flick (as per this pic). Do you have a tutorial on it or would you be able to make one, it looks fab, also a tutorial on where you exactly you place blush/bronzer on your face, because you nail it everytime!! Very beautiful

  9. This is such a perfect shade for you! <3

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