My Lucite Dreams is a place where I share my attempts at gracefully aging, both inside and out. Our external selves are a great gauge as to what is going on inside. When we don’t feel good inside, and when we are not caring well enough for ourselves, it shows. We must constantly stay in tune to what our body is telling us. Every now and then we should stop and listen. I take a holistic approach to keeping my insides healthy. I educate myself continuously on health and wellness.  Due to some health concerns I have had, I have become committed to caring for my insides, as I do my outside, after seeing the tremendous benefits of doing so.

I do believe beauty is inside, and being aware of that, I want to share with you all my vain attempts at being beautiful on the outside as well. With an emphasis on anti-aging, here I will share my arsenal of tried and true lotions and potions and my discovery of new products with completely honest reviews. Look forward to some tips and tricks and my personal solutions for our beauty woes. While taking time to pamper myself and indulge every once in a while. It’s a balance of things.
I’m getting my glow on. 
Join me,

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