Adult Acne!? My solution…

My battle with adult acne started at around 26. It was usually worse before my period with most breakouts occurring on my jaw-line and chin, but really no location was off limit. I had seriously broken out skin which I have never experienced before. I used all recommended ingredients to battle acne such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide aha’s and sulfur in all forms including toners, washes, spot treatments , and masks.  I tried the Murad line, philosophy, Mario Badescu and some others, including prescription creams. While I did like some of the products and still use some, most of them dried me up and left me with red marks or scars that lasted longer than the original pimple would have. My skin was in a crisis and getting worse with the harsh products i was using. After some time someone recommended to me the Olay Pro X Advanced Cleansing  System. Within a couple of weeks of continued daily use along with a salicylic face  my skin completely cleared up. I mean not only did my skin clear up but my complexion was the best it had ever been.

I got mine at for $24.99

I used the machine every night to thoroughly cleanse my skin and remove all traces of makeup  and always with a foaming cleanser with salicylic acid. I saw a significant difference in about 2 weeks and in no time my skin was completely clear. To me this is the most important skin care product to own. It will also help with the hydrating benefits of your current moisturizer and serum.


Whatever skin type you may have and whether or not you are broken out you must always stay moisturized. I chose a more natural lighter formula such as Alba green tea and aloe moisturizing cream or Weleda wild rose smoothing day cream.

Have you dealt with adult acne? What products have worked for you? Please leave any questions or comments.

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