Keratosis Pilaris : My personal experience and treatment

What is it?

Keratosis pilaris is a common skin condition in which a protein in the skin called keratin forms hard plugs within hair follicles. It is a genetic condition that cannot be cured and can be very difficult to treat. The symptoms appear as small red or skin colored bumps most commonly occurring in areas on the backs of arms, outer thighs, buttocks and cheeks. They are sometimes referred to as “chicken skin,” and usually gets worse in the winter. It affects 40% of the adult population and has been estimated to occur in 50-80% of adolescents.

My personal experience and treatment:

I noticed the appearance of this condition in my very early teens. I became very self-conscious of it and it made me quite uncomfortable. I was prescribed several washes and lotions by a dermatologist to treat it which included lactic acid and retinols. I never saw any significant difference from using them. By default I found a treatment that worked. I started adding Vaseline to my moisturizer for added moisture and in about a week or two, after daily use on affected areas, it was almost gone. With continued use my bumps had all but disappeared.

How to:

I apply the Vaseline after showering for best results. I mix it in with any body moisturizer for better distribution. I also apply to affected area on face with my facial moisturizer. After application I hang around in a terry bathrobe until it is completely absorbed, you do not want to get this onto your clothes. I do this every day. If I miss a couple of days I will instantly have a reoccurrence.

I see so many people with this condition. I know how it can affect our self-esteem. I became uptight when people would touch my arms. I am actually now regarded as to having soft and smooth skin. I am so excited to share my own experience and how simply I have treated it. I am thrilled with my results and I hope you will give it a shot.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments. Have you experienced this condition? If so, what has worked for you?

2 thoughts on “Keratosis Pilaris : My personal experience and treatment

  1. Hi! I came upon this blog post that I realize is from a while ago, and I was wondering if your treatment of KP has changed at all or if Vaseline is still your go to. Thanks for all of your help!

    1. I’ve upgraded to using Waxelene, which has more benefits for the skin. It works just like Vaseline does, with of these products are what work for me, absolutely!

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