Naturally Charming

Tarte Natural Lip Stain with Lipsurgence in Charmed

Tarte Natural Lip Stains with Lipsurgence are an extension to their award-winning cheek stains. These lip stains have a peppermint scent. The one featured here is Charmed, a pale pink, which is an unexpected color for a stain. The lip stains glide on smooth and have a glossy finish. I love the way it looks when first applied and find it very hydrating. This glossiness of this lip stain doesn’t last very long unfortunately, but it is a tint and quickly leaves behind a lovely shade of pink.  I would have prefered this lip stain in a deeper color for a more intense stain of color. Check it out here.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts? What is you favorite lip stain?

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3 Responses to Naturally Charming

  1. wheetnee says:

    Oh I love this color! I’ve been wanting to buy Tarte’s Lip Stain… so expensive in Canada though 😦

  2. I wasn’t aware of that. I just looked it up and can’t believe how much they hike up the prices. That’s really too bad. I wish I could drop one in the post for you!

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