Winter/Summer Foundation Swap

As the warmer months approach it’s time to take a good look at your current makeup routine and consider how it will translate into your summer routine. Now is the time to swap out our current foundations for lighter formulations and warmer color choices. I swatched my winter and summer foundations below to give you an idea of how much they can vary. My winter foundation, as you can see, is probably about two shades lighter than the winter. It is also a more moisturizing formulation than my summer choice. You will notice in the way it feels on your skin whether or not your foundation is to heavy for the summer months. If you are aware that you are wearing foundation it is probably to heavy for you. In transition I to mix the two, adding more of the darker foundation as my skin becomes tanner.

While I do know some people who avoid the sun’s rays at all costs and stay the same color year round. I don’t think it is necessary for them to change their color foundation if the formulation is working for their skin. I do however think that everyone can gain something from warming up their skin tone. It just makes us glow and look healthier. I recommend adding a bit of bronzing gel to your foundation, Clarin’s makes some good ones. You can control the color by mixing it with your foundation. It is also more natural looking than powder bronzer.

Do you switch up your foundation for summer and winter?

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