Nude Nail Picks

Offset this seasons hottest hues with these nude nail picks. These are my five pick’s for nude nails with a twist. Achieve the ‘mannequin nail’ trend in a less offensive way.

left – right

  • OPI Steady as She Rose – a beige/grey and subtle lilac
  • OPI Samoan Sand – a beige with peach tone
  • Essie Playa del Platinum – a beige/grey
  • Essie Jazz – a neutral beige with some grey and brown tones
  • Essie Topless and Barefoot – a beige with some peach/pink tones

What are your favorite nude’s this season? Are you sporting the ‘foundation nail’ trend?

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3 Responses to Nude Nail Picks

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  2. Carrie says:

    Great picks! I’ve never seen essie Jazz before. I might have to go pick it up!

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