YSL Rouge Volupté 1 – Nude Beige

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté win’s in the packaging department. The gold tube with convenient color indicator, true to tone, surrounded by YSL’s logo’s has a true aesthetic appeal of pure luxury. What’s even more stunning than the packaging is the irresistible formula. Rouge Volupté is incredibly smooth and creamy, no need to top it of with a gloss. The soft formula glide’s on with lots of pigment and lasts for about five hours on me. I recommend pairing this lipstick with a liner for a more defined lip line because it is so creamy. It has the slightest raspberry scent that disappears into nothingness. This is lipstick at is greatest and this one has found it’s way to the top of my favorite’s.

While browsing the makeup counter at a department store this color caught my eye. I tried it on and saw it was very pale for me, so I walked away. However, after shopping around for a bit I noticed the lipstick had deepened a bit and became a more pink tone, the perfect nude-pink tone. I hurried back to the counter and purchased it. I wouldn’t call this lipstick a nude beige at is described, it is far to pink. When the color sets it becomes a pale to medium pink-beige. The formulation is simply the tops for a creamy moisturizing lipstick.

Have you tried YSL Rouge Volupté? Any thoughts?

7 thoughts on “YSL Rouge Volupté 1 – Nude Beige

  1. This is my biggest issue with YSL…the colors are never what is described. You really have to try them on, meaning online shopping can just be for repurchases. The packaging is amazing though.

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