Tarte Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Marajuca Self Tanner

Tarte Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Marajuca Self Tanner “helps you achieve a faux glow anytime. Infused with Marajuca oil, this tanner drenches your skin in moisture, giving you a beautiful, sun-kissed look.”

Tarte Brazilliance self tanner is currently exclusive to QVC. This self-tanner contains Marajuca Oil to replenish skin, brightening vitamin C, and essential fatty acids. It comes with an application mitt for an easy streak-free tan. To use start by exfoliating your skin concentrating on areas such as elbows, knees, and ankles. Apply about a quarter size amount of the tanner to the application mitt and apply to ONE area at a time, such as the forearm, working in a circular sweeping motion. Then move on to bicep, a quarter amount to chest, a quarter to stomach and so on. Wait 10 minutes before dressing and 8 hours for tan to develop.

Let me start by say this product smells so good! Not good for a self-tanner, just good (period). I was blown away by the delicious scent of vanilla and never experienced any bad odor from this product, not even when it dried.  The application mitt that I was provided with made application a breeze. This product is tinted like a stain which provide’s immediate color and helps to guide you, but also makes it necessary to work fast.

Ultimately I had a great experience working this way with a self tanner, I found it to be so quick and easy. Tarte Brazilliance give’s you very natural color about one shade darker than your own skin tone. The color provided is a brown tone and free of any orange tones. I, personally like more color than one application provided me with and found that using this product 2 days back-to-back game me the results that I desire. I do wish that this tanner came in a darker tone so I wouldn’t have to use so much of this precious product. If you are seeking a deep tan I wouldn’t recommend this to you but if you are seeking a lighter more natural shade I would highly recommend it. You can bet that you will have a natural streak-free tan even on your hands. This is a love!

This product is available for $32 at QVC.com

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