A natural looking powder bronzer from Too Faced

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer combines “the natural detoxifying effects of real cocoa powder with their signature bronzing pigments to create a lighter version of their bestselling Chocolate Soleil original Matte bronzer”

The Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer indulges the senses with rich chocolate decadence. This bronzer incorporates real cocoa powder into its’ ingredients, it smells and dare I say tastes, (yes I went there) like the real deal. This milk chocolate version of  Too Faced best-selling bronzer is for light to medium skin tones. This powder bronzer has a prominent cocoa scent, which made me a bit apprehensive especially with my finicky nose to boot. I could have done without the smell, however, I did not find the scent lingered too long after I applied it. So, I do recommend you giving this product a quick sniff test before purchasing.

This powder bronzer is finely milled and silky smooth – consider me impressed. The texture is high quality and blends well, allowing for a seemless application. This will never give you the ‘muddy-look’ that I so often see when people use powder bronzers. The powder is matte, yet it doesn’t leave you with a powdered look. It remains sheer enough for your skins’ natural radiance to shine through. It can be layered easily to achieve a deeper tone. Too Faced nailed it with the color of this powder. You can see there is taupe tones in this powder, do not be dismayed, this is what I look for in a powder bronzer. The color will avoid giving you any artificial orange or red tones. I love this for a natural looking tan. I would deal with the initial scent of this product for this formulation and color. Love it!

 Swatched Heavily on hand

Wearing Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer applied to cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. For a more natural look layer bronzer on top of already self-tanned skin. This allows you to wear less makeup giving you a more natural appearance.

Get it at toofaced.com

What are your favorite bronzers?

9 thoughts on “A natural looking powder bronzer from Too Faced

  1. It smells like chocolate? That’s amazing, too good almost! Haha. Anyway, the color is very flattering, the taupe makes it look pretty natural. 🙂

  2. I agree that a bit of a cooler tone makes bronzers look a lot more natural – at least, I’ve noticed on others, as I’ve never found a bronzer that I can ‘work’ on my caramel skin! Still looking 😉 In any case, this looks fabulous on you, and can I just say that your features are just too perfect?!

    1. Can I ask what your alltime favorite bronzer is of all bronzers u reviewed? I need a new bronzer, have fair skin and don’t know what to buy…

      1. Hi there, since posting this I’ve transitioned my beauty products to include mostly natural and organic ones, I thought I should note. Natural or not, the Gressa Skin Contouring Bronzer is my all time favorite. I also use their Air Focus Foundation Brish with it, and I simply adore it- great for creams and liquids. I also love the RMS Buriti Bronzer. All products can be searched in the blog. They are both wonderful options for fair skin tones.

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