5 things this week…

Late last week, I headed out to enjoy some much needed time away. Falling into a slower pace, which I have to say was quite hard to shake once I had returned. Most of my days were spent at the beach soaking up sun and swimming in the Atlantic. I ate the freshest seafood and locally grown produce in abundance.

 look at all those smiling faces

local produce 

my weekend getaway makeup routine

 -unrelated- nail polish storage (great way to add colorto a space!)

new skincare -loving-

Hope you all had a lovely week! 

10 thoughts on “5 things this week…

  1. Is that a Tarte 24/7 natural lip sheer I see? If it is- I have one too! My first high end lip product 🙂

    And omg, I should totally store my nail polish like that, my room is disgustingly messy so I have all my polish stored in one giant shoe box.

  2. Oooo REN – love their stuff – and their packaging because you can get every last bit of product out! Have you tried their Moroccan Rose Otto Bodywash? It smells heavenly, and It’s one of the best body washes I’ve ever used.

  3. Oeh that nail polish storage idea is perfect! I’d been wondering what to do with mine.. they’re just stacked in a curver-thingy. I’ll go check for cute vases tomorrow. ^_^

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