‘Orange Lips’ with Ellis Faas Milky Lips

Ellis Faas Milk Lips are  highly pigmented liquid lipsticks with a brush-tip applicator. “All shades are “human colors” meaning that they’re inspired by the colors that by nature already exist in the human body and are therefore suitable for all skin tones.”

On a recent hunt for an orange lipstick I had come up short, later to discover this Ellis Faas lip product amidst my Glossybox monthly samples. A great shade of orange lipstick, I have discovered, is not easy to come by, especially by someone of my coloring. I found them to be either to bright or just uncomplimentary to the pink tones in my skin. So maybe Ellis Faas is onto something in their use of “human colors” because this is the orange I never came across. This burnt orange shade is totally wearable.

It took a relentless amount of clicks to get this product going, and once it flowed it was difficult to control the amount released. The sleek silver ‘bullet style’ packaging is very cool and modern. This lipstick can be layered, from the effects of a stain to a full coverage lipstick, and works well to do this. The formula was deliciously creamy and light, and has a long wear time. Liquid lipstick is a perfect description of its consistency. My lips stayed moist for hours with beautiful bold color. However, I found a huge flaw in application. Product is dispersed through the center of the brush and streaks in application. The brush is firm and it is nearly impossible to blend this lipstick evenly to lips. I opted for a lip brush and my finger to apply. Once I tackled the application I loved the lipstick.

 Ellis Faas Milky Lips in L204 – Burnt Orange

Ellis Faas Milky Lips $35 at sephora.com

Have you tried any Ellis Fass lip products? Any thoughts?

21 thoughts on “‘Orange Lips’ with Ellis Faas Milky Lips

  1. Very beautiful color on you and I love the sleek lipstick container. Im very envious of your full lips Doll! Hey, orange you glad it’s not an ugly color? LOL. 😉

  2. Oh my God this is SO gorgeous on you! I haven’t tried anything quite so orange yet, but you really rock it! I’ve always wanted to try something from Ellis Faas, but I heard many packaging woes and that puts me off a little.

  3. I have always been afraid of the orange lipstick, even though I think I’m pretty adventurous. I would actually wear this. It looks beautiful on you ! Haven’t yet tried this line but definitely going to the next time I am in Sephora!

  4. Oh my, I love this so much Taylor, and I was going to buy this first when I was looking at Ellis Faas for the first time, but opted for the L102 shade instead (which I ADORE). However, this is definitely getting added to my wish list, wow! It looks fantastic 🙂

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