Chanel Vertigo Le Vernis – Fall 2012

Vertigo is one of three shades released this fall from Chanel. Vertigo is a truly complex shade that differs from the bottle to the nail and varies under different lighting. In the bottle Vertigo reads as a deep grey/plum with red and gold shimmer. On the nail Vertigo is more of a charcoal grey, the shimmer hardly noticeable unless under strong artificial lighting ,and even then, slight. I anticipated more plum tones and shimmer from this polish and find myself searching it. I am pleased however, by this sophisticated, vampy shade nonetheless, and find it perfect for the approaching fall season. Vertigo applied flawlessly giving me a perfect steak-free finish with high shine in two coats. Unfortunitely I experienced some major chipping on the second day.

 with flash

In natural sunlight

 Chanel Vertigo Le Vernis $24 –

What are your thoughts on this shade? Will you be picking it up?

6 thoughts on “Chanel Vertigo Le Vernis – Fall 2012

  1. The colour in the bottle is very deceiving but it still looks very nice on the nails. I quite like the colours of Fall; plums, deep reds, browns……
    Melanie : )

  2. I tried this on in-store the other day but just wasn’t feeling it. I don’t mind ‘secret shimmer’ sometimes but this just seemed blah on my skin tone. I do like it on you – it’s elegant and not TOO dark – I just don’t love dusty shades like this for me 😦

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