Giorgio Armani ‘Eyes To Kill’ #28

Giorgio Armani ‘eyes to kill’ Intense Eyeshadow in #28 (red platine) is part of the limited edition Acqua Collection. In a variety of six shades these shadows ”unveil a pearl blend that radiates four spellbinding colors. Each of the Eyes to Kill Intense Shades is based on a revolutionary technology that acts like a kaleidoscope, producing multidimensional colors. Neither a cream nor powder, this incredible hybrid formula acts like a colour suspension that delivers a dreamy, ethereal beauty to eyes with a 24-hour hold” (

The ‘Eyes to kill’ eye shadows are a cross between a cream and a powder. These shadows saturate the lid with long-lasting, intensely shimmering color. There are two variations of Giorgio Armani ‘Eyes to Kill’. The Intense Silky ‘Eyes to Kill’ Collection which contain a base shade along with a second shade to create contour, and have high-resistance wear. The Acqua Collection of the ‘Eyes to Kill’  shadows are waterproof, have a 24-hr wear time, and contain 4 multidimensional shades. The two colors I have picked up are a part of the second collection mentioned.

I picked up #28 along with #27 (oxidized silver) and found the formula to vary between the two, #28 being slightly less easy to work with. I find it best to use my finger to pull the product and apply it to lid. Once applied the shadows blended rather easily into my crease, having to work a little harder on this one. The shadow has a spongy texture in the pot and also has a slight tendency to drag. I am very impressed with the lasting power and in how, for such a shimmering shade, there is zero fall-out.  After trying these I am almost certain that the deeper shades will very easily provide a rich smokey-eye.

Giorgio Armani states that these shadows “radiate four spell-binding colors“, however in this shade I could only locate two, a combination of bronze and burgundy. Red Platine holds larger golden flecks creating a highly shimmering effect. These shadows have a far more multi-dimensional appearance in the pan than when viewed blended out and applied. The shade #28 was not as multi-dimensional and complex in my perception as shade #27. Perhaps it is the visible lack of a third and fourth shade, that made it seem rather ordinary to me. I should mention my expectations were set very high for this product. It was nonetheless a very beautiful shade. If you happen to love bronze-tones and bold shimmer, I am certain you will love this. The look these shadows provide is utterly captivating.


wearing Giorgio Armani ‘Eyes to Kill” in #28 on lids alone

 Giorgio Armani “Eyes to Kill” Acqua Collection come in a range of six ‘limited-edition’ shades (here)

13 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani ‘Eyes To Kill’ #28

  1. Give me your lids!!! It’s like the perfect everday color.
    how much does the eyeshadow cost, I’m curious.
    i love your pictures, I’m kinda learning from you in taking good pictures 🙂

    1. Haha.. It’s far more sparkly than the photo lets on. It is $32 US, most I’ve ever spent on a shadow. Thank you Whiney. I was awful when I started taking photos, the best way to learn is just do. I see you getting better and better, they look great. Keep it up.

  2. I picked up #24, smokey copper, but this was the other shade I considered. I love it on you, and in the swatch! This is my kind of color. I would have gotten it except it looks like Chanel’s Abstraction Illusion d’Ombre, which I own. I can see how it might be a bit of a let down Taylor, but I bet you’ll still get tons of use out of it!

  3. Oh Gosh, this is something that doesn’t really work for my skin tone, but on you it’s looooove! I’m sure my collection will keep getting bigger. Can’t wait for their Christmas collection already!

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