OCC Lip Tar in Queen

The Obsessive Complusive Cosmetics brand’s Lip Tars are truly unique and unlike any other lip product out there. These Lip Tars are an intensely pigmented liquid lipstick. They are not a gloss nor a lipstick, they are rather in a category all on its own. I would say for that for any ‘beauty enthusiast’ out there, this is a must try. OCC Lip Tar’s are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. They contain beneficial ingredients such as Hemp Oil, Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E.

OCC Lip Tar’s are richly pigmented while the smallest amount goes a very long way. Using too much can get quite messy and stain. I suggest to use less than you think you need and be weary about getting it onto clothing. When working with this product it is necessary to use a brush for precise application. The liquid consistency blends easily and covers beautifully without any bleeding. The Lip Tars dry to a satin finish that gives you hours of wear. The peppermint oil is lovely and not overwhelming in the least.

OCC Lip Tars come in a variety of 40 shades. Some of these are not your traditional lip shades howver, if that isnt your style I suggest that you don’t pass them up just yet. Lip Tars can certainly be worn alone but are made to be blended to create your own custom colors. For the lipstick lover’s out there this is quite revolutionary. You can mix them and store them in a custom pot, or blend them right on your lips. There are video’s dedicated to just this on YouTube. Once I had a lucky opportunity to have a Prescriptives make up artist blend me my own very personalized shade of lipstick. I desired a nude shade and was caught off guard when the MUA added black, yellow and blue shades only to come out with the loveliest shade of nude. I hardly used that lipstick for fear of it running out.

Lip Tars previously came in packaging that featured a flat angled lip-applicater. The packaging has since been upgraded to a smaller squeeze tube version which makes more sense as well helping to keep product neat. OCC Lip Tars have recently been released at Sephora, and now include a lip brush and come in a plastic pouch, I highly suggest you try them for yourselves. 

OCC Lip Tar in Queen (with flash)wearing OCC Lip Tar in Queen (no flash)

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar $16 sephora.com or here

Have you tried the Lip Tars?

28 thoughts on “OCC Lip Tar in Queen

  1. My jaw dropped! I haven’t tried Lip Tar but now I HAVE to!!! Queen is so unbelievably beautiful on you! I’ll just have to do some research online, since they’re not available here and I can’t swatch anything!

  2. That colour looks so good on you! I only have one Lip Tar in the shade Memento, which is one of their lighter pinks… maybe I should go for a bright one next!

  3. Whoa, this color looks amazing on you! Both J and I have been wanting to try lip tars forever now, but can’t find them locally. Might have to order some online and give them a shot

  4. What is on your eyes? (Liner/Shadows) the whole look appears to be wonderful and natural! I love the lip tar on you as well as the rest of your makeup. Gorgeous!

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