‘Diorific Vernis – Le Grand Bal’ in Diva

I have highly anticipated the release of Dior’s ‘Le Grand Bal’ collection, deeming it the most covetable of this years Holiday Makeup Collections. The ‘Grand Bal’ Collection is a selection of golds and reds of true sophistication encased in the most elegant gold packaging. One item that immediately spoke to me was the Diorific Vernis.  These nail polishes come packaged in a round glass bottle with a high-shine gold top, reminiscent to me of a luxury purfume bottle. This polish should be displayed and  is currently residing among the fragrances upon my vanity. These Long Wearing Haute Couleur are limited edition and available in four shades, which complement thier related Diorific Lipsticks in contrast. I ordered mine immediately upon its online release at Nordstrom.com for $26.

Diorific Vernis in Diva is a black onyx with small amounts of gold and purple shimmer. This polish is far more lovely in person than when viewed in Dior’s promo photos. I did my best to show you how stunning it truly is. The shimmer is subtle but certainly noticeable in just the right way. Diorific Vernis comes on beautifully, providing a high-shine opaque finish in two coats. I didn’t experience any streaking or drifting. I was curious if this lovely packaging might jeopardize its application but found it to be no trouble at all.

Will you be picking anything up from the Dior ‘Grand Bal’ Collection?

22 thoughts on “‘Diorific Vernis – Le Grand Bal’ in Diva

  1. I am so blown away by this colour and bottle design. Its so beautiful! I love the how you showed the colour, I can only inagine how stunning it is in person. Strangely enough I haven’t seen it advertised yet. Definitely on my wish list! 🙂

  2. The bottle and the colour are absolutely beautiful!! You are right, it is most definitely meant to be displayed and not placed in a drawer.

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