BECCA Balearic Love Eye Shadow Palette

The Becca Balearic Love Collection for spring 2012 was slow to come on my radar. Once I came across it, I could hardly resist. With warm, bronze-hued smokey eyes, warm sculpted cheeks, nude lips, and vampy nails this collection is the epitome of sexy. I picked up the Balearic Love Eye Palette, as well as Songbird Mineral Blush which is part of Becca’s Fall 2012 Collection. (blush review to follow)


The Balearic Love Eye Shadow Palette contains rich hues of bronze, plum, and violet. The palette itself  is well constructed and carries some weight. The small brush included is a bit firm but good for touch-ups. Atlas, the lightest shade is a matte beige/taupe. Marcella, in the middle, is a dark matte chocolate-brown. Romal, the last shade, is a plum/bronze with some amounts of shimmer. Romal is rather a complex shade that brought some amount of depth to the whole look. Marcella was the softest of the three shades, having some fallout. Just make sure that you tap the excess off before applying. It took some amount of blending in creating this look, but the end result is quite beautiful and a step away from your typical smokey look.  The rich tones of bronze, plum, and taupe are so lovely and when combined they are utterly stunning. I found this look easy to achieve and something I can find myself recreating often when seeking a more dramatic look.

To create this look I first applied Marcella to my lid and under my lower lash line using a firm brush to place the shadow. Taking a precision crease brush I applied Atlas to the crease. I went over the two shades with a blending brush and blended them together. I then went over the entire area with Romal which brought the entire look together. I applied Songbird Mineral Blush to the hollows of my cheeks first. then blending onto cheeks slightly.

Becca Balearic Love Palette $45 (here)


31 thoughts on “BECCA Balearic Love Eye Shadow Palette

  1. Ah you gorgeous thing!!! Becca is a brand that I finally got something from and adore this year. I can’t wait to see Songbird on you because their blushes are just INSANE!

  2. Omg, give me your face LOL! Hope that didn’t sounds creepy, but you absolutely look glowing!! I wish you could do my makeup 😦 I never even heard of this brand. Canada is so deprived.

  3. So… you and I literally have the same exact skin tone, hair color, eyebrow color, and eye color. Now I know where to go to check out colors!! 🙂

  4. What a gorgeous eye look you created! You have a gorgeous cheekbone and eye lids 😀 The color looks very nice and pigmented. Arrhh you make me want to try Becca products so bad 😀

  5. I’ve been searching high and low for this collection ever since it came out. It keeps selling out everywhere I looked. I finally gave up on it. You look absolutely beautiful and those killer cheekbones (jealous!). Looking at you and the pics makes me want it again. (And to think I have finally let go of it!). *le sigh* what to do? LOL Anyways, I’m glad you are safe and sound despite the power outage. xo, Emilie

    1. Thank you Emilie! You are so sweet! It means so much! i have to say I am absolutely in love with this palette! I have been wearing it everyday, very versatile 🙂 have you seen the new quads? They look beautiful! Xoxo

      1. I saw them when I was on a ban. Well, now that you mention it…LOL…now I have to choose between Rouge Bunny Rouge and Becca. Which to splurge on first?

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