BECCA Mineral Blush in Songbird

Becca Mineral Blush in Songbird has been newly released for fall 2012. Becca’s Mineral blushes are formulated with a Natural Mineral Complex which includes light reflecting Mica. They contain skin-nourishing ingredients and are also infused with antioxidants A, E, and C. They are also free of Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, Alcohol, Oil, Chemical dyes, Talc and other fillers.

This is my first Mineral Blush from Becca and I was quick to fall in love. I loved Becca’s packaging on this. It has a rubberized easy to grab finish that is super durable and hefty. Songbird is described as a Peachy Pink. I describe it as being more as a warm terra-cotta/peach. I was fearful that this shade might appear to orange on me but found that not to be the case at all. It provided my complexion with a great amount of healthy, glowing-warmth. I absolutely loved this shade, (you can see me wearing it here). Songbird is highly pigmented and deposits tons of color, while at the same time it is incredibly easy to blend. 

I am a bit hesitant when using a product with shimmer, for fear of it giving me an unnatural glittery appearance. I want a natural glow-from-within look and without any presence of glitter or sparkles. I have to say, that Becca’s micro-particles of shimmer in Songbird did exactly that for me. The powder is finely milled, soft, and utterly delectable. Among all of it’s fabulous attributes, Becca Mineral Blush has a tremendous lasting ability. I have not worn another blush since receiving Songbird. I do highly recommend checking out Becca’s Mineral Blushes.

left: heavily swatched - right: blended out

Becca Mineral Blushes are $32 (I got mine here)

Have you Tried Becca’s Mineral Blushes? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts.


10 thoughts on “BECCA Mineral Blush in Songbird

  1. Yesss glad to hear you love this one! I have Damselfly, and I’m still waiting for the autumn ones to get on Zuneta. It lasts SO well on me, the texture is SO fine, and the shimmer so incredibly delicate. Can’t think of one thing I don’t love about it!

      1. I kinda prefer a small but well-executed line to a big one. As careful as a company can be, there are always going to be misses when the range gets big!

  2. I love peach colours!! It sort of reminds me of Nars Liberte which I recently bought during the summer. The colour looks really natural on you 🙂

    And I agree, I don’t like products with glimmer/sparkles for blushes!

  3. I am a blush lover and always in search for the next best blush. I have not tried this and still contemplating whether I should get this one first or the cheek tint 🙂

    1. I am also 🙂 I have the beach tint in Fig, which is a bit light for me. It is lovely though. Two Very different products. They have 3 new tint shades which look gorgeous. I am curious what you will choose

  4. Wow this looks beautiful!! I have never tried anything from Becca before! I am going to have to check out this brand and the blushes! This color blush reminds me a bit of the blush I am using from Pure + Simple! I will be doing a review on that soon. Very similar colors! I love it.

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