Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base

I would like to introduce you to what I have deemed “the ultimate bronzer”. Leave it to Chanel to knock it out of the park in the bronzing category. Soleil Tan De Chanel makeup base has taken the place of all my previous bronzers. This “base” is a cream/gel formula that is buttery smooth and glides on skin with perfection. The look is a natural sun-kissed glow, in part due to the cream formula. The color is universal and just works. You get a hefty 1 oz amount of product for $48 US price tag which is quite reasonable, especially for a Chanel. This jar will last you some amount of time.

The consistency is was makes this product truly unique, it is hard not to fall in love. When pulling product it is not dissimilar to dipping your fingertips into a vat of butter. The formula remains creamy as you blend for a flawless and radiant finish. I suggest starting slow and building your color, although it is incredibly user-friendly. This base can be used over or under makeup. I prefer to use it on top of my foundation and under any powder products. The base works well applied to the area’s of the face where the sun would naturally hit. It also works well as a contour. I prefer to apply this product to the skin using a foundation brush then blending it in with a medium-sized buffing brush. Your finger’s as well as a sponge will give you nothing less than an utterly seamless application.

Product in image above is heavily swatched and true to color. There is the slightest amount of shimmer in this bronzer that is hardly noticeable. I would certainly refer to this as a sheer and matte bronzer. While the formula is creamy it does not really provide an amount of moisture to skin. I think that those with oily complexions need not fear this cream formulation. There is a fruity scent to this, as well as clay scent, familiar to Chanel makeup and quick to fade.

wearing Soleil Tan de Chanel
(also wearing YSL Teint Radiance in 07 and TheBalm Time Balm Concealer in light/medium on face)

Have you tried Chanel’s Makeup Base? Any thoughts?

17 thoughts on “Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base

  1. I’ve heard many rave about this one, but I seldom use bronzer so I haven’t taken the plunge! I love how natural it looks on you, and it’s great to hear the texture is fab!

  2. Gorgeous! What a beautiful glow. Great for colder months too when you want to look healthy and dewy but not too tan.

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