tips & tricks – Brighter Whites

We all know that brighter, whiter teeth can make a world of difference in our appearance. It makes us appear more youthful and attractive. Well, the whites of our eyes (the sclera) can benefit by some whitening as well. If you have never used any products to “get the red out” then I think you might be quite surprised by the noticeable difference it can make. If you are an allergy sufferer like I am, you might especially want to try out an antihistamine eye drop like Zatidor. Not only does it soothe itchy and burning eyes, it whitens the sclera, instantly brightening your entire face. For a big night out, this is a must in my makeup routine. With brighter eyes you look instantly refreshed, well-rested and more youthful. I don’t use these everyday, but only in moderation. I do recommend checking with your doctor before trying these yourself.

For even ‘brighter whites’ I also suggest  you try lining the inner rim of your eye with a flesh-toned liner. Blue eye makeup can also help your eyes to appear more white. One of my favorites is to place a shimmering highlighter on the inner-corners of your eyes. This makes your eyes pop.

4 thoughts on “tips & tricks – Brighter Whites

  1. Yes, whiter eyes really make a difference in appearance! I swear by Opcon A drops. They burn a bit at first but then your eyes feel great and are snow white!

    1. They do! Opcon contains an ingredient that constricts the blood vessels in your eyes making them appear whiter, they also can dilate pupils and cause you to have chronic red-eyes, this one doesn’t contain that ingredient. Just be careful you don’t overuse it gorgeous! ❤

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