BECCA Ultimate Eye Quad in Night Star

Newly released from Becca, the Smoke & Grace Collection is inspired by understated glamour and classic elegance. Among the item’s released where four Ultimate Eye Color Quads containing four gorgeous shades in matte, demi-matte, and metallic finishes. Each palette contains “a harmonious mix of rich hues to create the perfect new smokey eye.”  One quad allows you to color, contour, and highlight eyes to create looks for both day and night.

I picked up Night Star from the Smoke & Grace collection. The palette contains a selection of cool-toned grey/greens.  The four shadows are highly pigmented and velvety smooth making application a breeze. The quality is top-notch and creating a smokey-eye has never been easier. They blend just beautifully and are easy to build. While they are soft they are not too soft, just the perfect consistency with zero fallout. The four shades worked perfectly together and the look had just the right amount of drama. I took a step out of my comfort zone by choosing this selection of hues but was completely comfortable with the result which was perfectly tasteful. I highly recommend the Eye Quads, they are absolutely stunning, a must!

The lightest shade in the Night Star palette is a white shimmering pearl, perfect for highlighting the eye. The second shade is aMetallic Celadon, the star of the palette. The third shade is an army green which contours beautifully. The last shade is a Jet Black and is perfect for lining the eye.

To create this look I started by applying the second shade all over my lid and into the crease, bringing it under and onto the lower lash line. I then took the third shade and created a v shape into my crease and on my top/outer lash line and outer lower lash line. I then lined my eyes with the fourth shade  using a damp angled liner brush. I finished by applying the first shade onto my brow bone and on the inner corner of my eyes. I am also wearing Becca’s Ultimate Color Gloss in Fallen Angel.

Becca Smoke & Grace Collection feature four Ultimate Eye Quads $40 ea.:

Astro Violet -contains Matte Black Fig, Metallic Plum, Metallic Platinum, and Matte Plum

Eclipsed – contains Metallic Silver, Metallic Champagne, Metallic Khaki, and Metallic Moss

Galactica – contains Matte Ebony, Metallic Peach, Metallic Brown, and Dark Matte Brown

You can find them here

21 thoughts on “BECCA Ultimate Eye Quad in Night Star

  1. *Screams* Oh my God Taylor you’re SO pretty!!! I love how the shades swatch, and the look you did is absolutely tastefully-done! Great job!!! Need to look into these now.

  2. Ooh this is absolutely gorgeous on you! I’m really happy I got one of them now during the VIB sale! But I’m kinda bummed I didn’t get Galactica–which is the one I originally had in my cart. But it was really hard to tell what the shades were in the Sephora pics and for some reason, it didn’t cross my mind to check Becca’s site for descriptions, so I went with the “safer” Astro Violet, since I could clearly see that they were purple

    1. Hi Becca! You are going to love It! I wanted Galactica at first as well, I’m still thinking bout it! I’m sure violet will be gorgeous, I described these shades differently than they were on the site. I can’t wait to see your review. I also see you got sweetpea, it looks amazing! xo

  3. I really like Becca’s e/s and think they are underrated. When I saw they will come out with quads I was so happy. I still have to decide which one to get though D: The colours look beautiful and just ideal for a smokey eye, your skin looks so perfect here :O you are one of the very few people I know that can wear nude lipstick very well. thank you for this awesome review ❤

  4. Hi!

    Becca has usually such great colors! And I absolutely love the looks they create!

    This palette suits your colors, enhancing the color of your eyes!you look great!

    1. Haha, no 😦 but I am a painter and I find the two similar, I have been playing with makeup my entire life, always experimenting on my friends. I have a great love for it, and thank you!

  5. Wow! You look great in these pics. You are so good at applying these products! I wish I was that good at putting on eye shadow! You should do a tutorial on how to apply eye shadow !! 🙂

  6. Hello dear!
    I think you’re a Becca fan since I have seen many Becca products are featured in this blog 🙂 OMG I must say that you are very pretty!! You have flawless skin and the eye look you created is very neat and pretty 🙂

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