Becca Eye Tint in Baroque

Becca Eye Tints are a “semi-sheer water-resistant creme that tints lids with a soft wash of colour. Long-wearing, crease-resistant and streak-free, it builds from semi-sheer to deep and dramatic.” 

Becca eye tints are  cream shadows that provide lids with a wash of color. The incredible silkiness of the cream is much similar to the line’s lip and cheek tints. A little bit goes a long way, the product remaining moist during blending for perfect application. The cream simply glides along the lid with great ease, whether using your finger or a brush. Although they are said to be buildable I didn’t receive much drama layering this color on me. The tint wears all day without ever falling into creases or smudging. 

Baroque is described as a mushroom beige. The color is very subtle and suitable for everyday or for achieving a natural look. The tint works perfectly as a base to apply powder shadows. It gives you a smooth surface and helps keep shadow in place all day. Worn alone or layered I quite love the look of Baroque. Although there is no shimmer in the product it has a radiant quality to it.

wearing Becca eye tint in Baroque

Becca Eye Tints are $24 (here)


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15 Responses to Becca Eye Tint in Baroque

  1. Sunny says:

    I have this one too! The formula is great, but I’m not too sure about the color yet. It pulls really warm on me! I might have to try to combine it with different shadows so it’d look a bit less warm 🙂 You’re as gorgeous as ever!

  2. I wish I’d seen this before the Cyber Monday sale, it’s such a “me” color and the texture sounds great. Your makeup looks beautiful! 🙂

  3. marisaporter says:

    This is beautiful! What are you wearing on your lips?

  4. Lily @ChloeAsh says:

    I tried the beach tint and the formula separated on me in less than 6 months. So I hesitate purchasing anything cream from Becca. It might be a dud or it might be our weather here, but I actually stored it in a cool place. It’s a bummer, no? This shade looks absolutely lovely!

  5. This is just TOO pretty on you!! I NEED this! This is the one I’ve been eyeing…that and Romanticism! Definitely on my list!

    PS: your lip color is gorgeous–what is it??

  6. Siobhan. says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated your lovely blog for a Liebester Award i am sure you have way more than 200 followers but i still wanted to nominate you. you can find details at. Xx

  7. Melanie says:

    Really pretty Taylor, I quite like the natural look on you!

  8. I love this! It looks really lovely – it’s hardly noticeable, but it looks really nice at the same time x

  9. OOh this is so tan colored on you. Jealous! So pretty! 🙂

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