Fresh Umbrian Clay Foundation

Fresh Umbrian Clay foundation is a “purifying and balancing treatment foundation that refines and hydrates the skin. Fresh’s exclusive Umbrian Clay removes impurities from the skin to refine, nourish, and balance the complexion while Porphyridium Cruentum, a micro-algae extract, retains optimal moisture levels throughout the day.” Contains an SPF of 20.


The Umbrian Clay Foundation from Fresh is nothing less than magnificent. This product has been among my favorites for perhaps a bit longer than five years now. With especially high standards for a foundations performance, a great one is hard to come by. I am not quite sure why it as taken so long for me to review this product, as per request I am doing it now. I apologize for keeping this product from you for too long.

Fresh’s Umbrian Clay foundation contains skin healthy ingredients including their Umbrian Clay, micro-algae extract, antioxidants A C and E and Seawater. The foundation has a fabulous creamy consistency unlike other foundations, and not dissimilar to a BB cream. The application is dreamy having the ability to blend with great ease, your fingers will do. The foundation provides medium coverage while giving the illusion of a face free of makeup. It is virtually undetectable on the skin, which I feel is one of the most important qualities of a good makeup. Girls… you shouldnt see it!

Now I have good skin, but during a time when I suffered from frequent breakouts this is the makeup I used. It also did not clog my pores or exacerbate my troubled skin. It provides excellent coverage, so well in fact that you will find yourself applying less concealer. I can sometimes forgo under eye cover-up when I wear this foundation. For a makeup with a bit more coverage, I highly reccomend this one. The end result is a flawless complexion with a radiant finish.

Fresh foundation comes in a selection of 7 shades. While I am a prefect match for Rio Samba during the summertime when my skin is a deeper tone, I have trouble finding a match for my skin during the winter months. In the image below I have featured the Rio Samba on my very pale winter skin, I hope you can still gain an idea of the fomula and coverage.


see me wearing it here, here, and here

Fresh Umbrian Clay Foundation $42

13 thoughts on “Fresh Umbrian Clay Foundation

  1. It def seems like it has a pretty even and good coverage. But what are you going to do over the winter time? Did you try applying it with a wet sponge? Maybe it makes the color less deep on your skin?

  2. Your skin is indeed really good! And you look gorgeous as always. Does it oxidize on your skin? Seems like it provides smooth even finish. Great review!

  3. It looks really, really gorgeous! I will definitely have to get a sample of this. Maybe I could use it for pictures/dates/special occasions (as I usually prefer sheer or light-medium coverage for my regular foundations)

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