Smashbox Photo Op Eye Enhancing Palette for Blue Eyes

Smashbox Photo Op Eye Enhancing Palette in Blue Eyes contains a selection of six shades handpicked by the ‘pros’ to enhance your eye color. “specifically chosen to enhance blue eyes, this assortment of shadows delivers smoky and sultry looks. It comes with a double-ended brush and step-by-step instructions for effortless application.”


The Smashbox Photo Op Eye Enhancing palette is a sleek 5×3 inches. A mirror under the top lid is a big one and fabulously functional. Perfect for travel, the selection of shades can be combined for a variety of looks. On the bottom of the palette you will find details on how to create two looks. The first look featured uses the top row of shades (the soft trio), the second look features the three bottom shades (the Smokey Trio). I quite like the suggested looks and am wearing ‘the smokey trio’ in this post. All shades of course can be worn however way you may choose to apply them.

With eye color that ranges from green to blue to grey, I picked up the  Blue Eye Palette for the combination of beautiful shades on not to enhance my own eye color. However, the colors featured are technically correct for enhancing a blue eye color and will do just that.


The shadows in the Smashbox Photo Op Eye Palette are among the softest that I’ve tried. They are buttery smooth and incredibly easy to blend. The two matte shades, Custard and Sable, are the softest of the bunch and impart  somewhat of a powdery finish. With these shadows being so soft I do feel they lack a bit in intensity, nonetheless this is a gorgeous palette. Before applying, I do suggest you tap off any excess shadow from your palette to avoid any fallout.  

The six shades of warm browns and peaches work well together to provide a variety of looks. Cream works perfectly as a highlight and Pewter is an unexpected shade that I am glad was included. I am partial to each shade and I don’t find myself wanting to swap one out for another. The shimmering shades worked beautifully when applied wet and I love to do so with Shell and Pewter. The result is more intense and gives the illusion of being wet.



  left to right

Cream – ivory cream shimmer

Shell – peach champagne shimmer

Pewter – gray silver shimmer

Custard – matte peach

Sable – matte warm brown

Mocha – chocolate-brown sheen


 (wearing the ‘Smokey Trio’ in the suggested application)


also wearing – YSL Tient Radiance Foundation in #7, Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer in light/medium, MAC Blush in Harmony, Revlon Just Bitten Lip balm/stain in Charm


28 thoughts on “Smashbox Photo Op Eye Enhancing Palette for Blue Eyes

  1. OOO pretty!!! We don’t get Smashbox here, but I was really curious about these when I found out about them. This one works well on you!

  2. Not being a ‘beauty and or make up’ person, id always wondered what colours were best for my skin tone ans or eye colour, and here we are! 🙂
    great review, your make up looks so nice and so flawless! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Caroline. When considering eye makeup to complement your eye color it might help to know that the when looking at a color chart the direct opposite shade of your eye color will complement it. Im glad this helped 🙂

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