Diptyque Oliban

Two days post Christmas my home is still very much alive with the spirit of the holiday. Leftover’s are plenty, the Christmas tree still stands and the magical aroma of frankincense permeates the air. The Frankincense or Olibanan thanks to the Diptyque Oliban Holiday Candle.


Inspired by Arabian Nights, Diptyque released three Holiday Candles, Amber Oud (gold), Sapin Dore (myrrh) and Oliban (frankinscence). After reading the lovely review of the Oliban candle on Getting Cheeky I found it hard to resist. So right before Christmas I dropped hints, I dropped them hard. Message received, I knew what it was before I opened it, I could smell it. Thank you my sweet.

The fragrance of the Oliban candle is truly magical, the frankincense undeniable. The glass container was inspired by a night blue kilim rug although reminiscent to me of the stained glass windows of cathredrals. It has been a luxury of mine to sit beside such a gorgeous fragrance of perfect execution much expected of the brand Diptyque.

The Diptyque Oliban Candle is still available for purchase.

$68 here

7 thoughts on “Diptyque Oliban

  1. Yay, you got it! I’m so happy you enjoy the fragrance, it’s absolutely incredible. I’m secretly thinking about purchasing Amber Oud, though I should probably invest in more seasonal candles at this point!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I love candles! And this one looks lovely. I don’t have access to these lovely candles here, and purchasing them online is out of the question. Shipping would be too expensive. I’ll have to get them when I go travelling next 🙂

  3. Oooh this is lovely! I imagine it smells wonderful too! I’ve never been into scented candles at all but lately, it seems EVERYONE is getting into them and I can’t help but feel a bit curious 😛 Of course, Diptyque is the gold standard for scented candles so I always wanted to try one of those first. Probably Jasmin,Tubereuse, or Gardenia will be my first (I LOVE white floral scents!) but I’m also curious about Foin Coupé (this one sounds like pure spring in candle form! Lovely!), Muguet (again, deliciously spring!), and of coures, the ever-popular Baies.

    1. With this knowledge you must try! Gardenia was my first, a dear friend of mine brought it back for my from Paris over 10 years ago. I barely lit it, I savored it. It was my favorite scent and I wished I could find a perfume like it and I did much later.. Kai. The gardenia is a lovely memory. Foin Coupe sounds beautiful, you make me want them all 🙂 Santal is also a favorite. xoxo

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