YSL Golden Gloss in #30 *New Years Kisses*

I have a great weakness for YSL’s line of lip products, you might know this if you have followed me for some time. The shades, formulas, and finishes never disappoint. The Rouge Volupté Range might be my ultimate favorite. I can’t quite wait for the new ‘Shine‘ lipsticks for 2013. Onto the Golden Glosses, they are the ultimate  for high shine and another favorite of mine.


The Golden Glosses from YSL contain real 24 carat gold flecks which create a mirror finish. It seems a bit excessive, I thought so myself, but I was quite taken back by the sparkle from the large golden flakes. My boyfriend is a big fan as well. Suspended in a high-shine formula the flecks of gold reflect the light and dazzle the eye, unlike other glosses. The gloss is a bit tacky which ultimately allows for longer wear. Once the gloss wears, it does leave a bit of a sandy feel although it is minor and not really a bother. It has the sweet scent of raspberries familiar to alot of the YSL lip products. In my personal opinion, I find the sparkle to be a bit too much for daytime, but perfect for a night out and New Year’s kisses.

ysl-golden-gloss-30-2 YSL Golden Gloss in #30 (Golden Satin)

Golden Satin #30 is a light peachy-pink. This shade is a bit more sheer, gorgeous on its own or layered over a lipstick. Photographs can’t quite capture just how stunning this gloss is and the way it plays with light. I do highly recommend seeing it for yourself in person.


YSL Golden Gloss $30 here

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Happy New Years Kisses!

27 thoughts on “YSL Golden Gloss in #30 *New Years Kisses*

  1. this is an amazing color! i think it is way prettier than the nars orgasm gloss.
    and you just made me want the new YSL lippie! *sigh*

    (love the kiss picture!)

  2. I’m also not huge on sparkle, but sometimes it’s just needed. This gloss is gorgeous Taylor – I’ve been wanting to try one of these and I think I’ve even swatched this one a few times but never purchased. I’ll have to give them another look!

    Happy New Year!

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