BECCA Ultimate Eye Color Quad in Galactica

Becca Cosmetics released four ‘Ultimate Eye Color Quads’ as part of their recent ‘Smoke and Grace Collection’. I first picked up ‘Night Star’ and was so pleased with its performance that I more recently picked it up in Galactica as well. All four palettes are quite irresistable and I found incredibly difficult to choose between them. The luxe palettes contain four complementary shades to color, contour and highlight. The shades of Becca are always tastefully chosen, high quality and rich in pigment easily making me swoon for these new palettes. See these beautiful young woman for look inspiration.


The four shadows are velvet smooth, and blend with great ease. They are highly pigmented although easy to sheer out or layer for a more intense effect. The powder is finely milled and not too soft, there is zero fallout. These shadows are truly a pleasure to work with, this one has become part of my everyday routine. The palette is versatile allowing you to wear both day and night. The shadows combine to make a stunning smokey-eye. I find them to last all day on me.


The four shadows are housed in Becca’s signature rubberized disk. A full mirror lines the underside of the lid. I was quite certain I had snapped photo of this before I got my sloppy paws into it, but it seems that I didn’t. I apologize for the messy photo.

becca-galactica-2  left – right

  • The lightest shade is a metallic champagne peach. The shade is too dark to use as a highlight on my skin tone. I find myself using this daily as an all over eye shadow.
  • The second shade is described on Becca’s website as a metallic brown, I describe it as a metallic copper/bronze. This shade is a beauty and perfect for bringing out green eyes.
  • The third shade is a matte ebony. I will use this either wet or dry to line my eyes.
  • The final shade is a matte dark brown. A beautiful brown that I will use as a contour when creating a smokey-eye look.

Galactica is $40 here and also available at Sephora

16 thoughts on “BECCA Ultimate Eye Color Quad in Galactica

  1. You’re right it’s hard to choose between wearable sophisticated shades. This quad is calling my name. The only thing slows me down on Becca is that I already have quite a few neutrals. Not sure what to do… Great swatch by the way Taylor!

  2. i like this color story a lot!
    the brown/taupe shades look very sophisticated and versatile. i haven’t tried anything from becca but a nice wearable quad like this would make a good start. 😉

  3. I’m absolutely swooning over this! All four of the shades are beautiful. I’d get lots of use from all them, which doesn’t happen often with palettes! I rely on matte browns and blacks pretty much daily, and the two shimmery shades are just SO pretty.

  4. *sigh* sooo pretty! This one will be mine sometime in the near future. I use my Astro Violet quad ALL the time–more than I thought I would! There is already a significant dent in the purply-taupe shade (my absolute favorite shade)–hat hasn’t happened in a LONG time! 😛

  5. Ooh, I love that second shade! I’m currently in the midst of compiling a list of Becca products I want to order…I’d love to get one of these palettes but I can’t decide between them! 😛

    1. me too! I wish I could help, but they are all gorgous. I really dont think you could go wrong with any. I also picked up Night Star, both spectacular. I also very much reccomend the Mineral Blush, which You might have picked up, not sure. Cant wait to see what you choose 🙂

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