YSL Rouge Volupté *Shine* #8 (Pink in Confidence)

The Rouge Volupté range of YSL lipsticks has recently expanded to include their new ‘Shine’ formula. When I first caught wind of this new release, I ran to their website, and ordered #8 (Pink in Confidence) sight unseen. I knew it would be a hit for me, so no surprise that it is!


The Rouge Volupté line now imparts luminous shine to their richly pigmented and extremely comfortable line of best-selling lipsticks. “Enhanced with fruit extracts rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it leave lips visibly softer and smoother with up to eight hours of hydration”. It also contains Hyaluronic spheres which soften lips and helps to seal in moisture.

The Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick glides on like a melting stick of butter. Perhaps even a bit more smoothly than the original and Sheer Candy versions. The comfort level is high and the formula is utterly weightless. The shine provided is just the right amount. The scent is fruity, referred to as “Mango” and I would agree. For someone sensitive to fragrance, it is a scent that I have come to love. It is truly sensory experience to apply and of my highest recommendations.


The Shine Rouge Volupté lipstick provides more pigment than the Sheer Candy and less than the original. I expect more pigmentation with other shades that are brighter and deeper than this natural pink. The color does not last as long as the original, although I am provided with hours of moisture. My lips feel incredibly nourished, a perfect lipstick for those who complain about dryness. One swipe provides sheer color and subtle shine. When layered, the color deepens and the shine increases to perfection.


left – once swipe : right – several layer

Pink in Confidence #8 is dusty pale pink with a small amount of shimmer.

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine are $34 and come in a range of 16 gorgeous shades. The only trouble is choosing just one! I already have my eyes on a few more shades.


left to right:

  • 15 Coral Intuitive
  •  05 Fuschia in Excess
  • 17 Rose in Tension

Will you be picking up the new ‘Shine’ formula?

46 thoughts on “YSL Rouge Volupté *Shine* #8 (Pink in Confidence)

  1. This is a really pretty shade. i can’t use it since my lips are mauve, but it looks natural and fresh on you. Anti-shiny anyways, my lips are super chapped most days, matte lipsticks are the best camouflage for me.

  2. Wow it looks stunning on you! I was totally eyeing these the other day hoping that someone would do a review! Now I know they are awesome! I totally want Rose in Tension!

  3. Afraid to try this due to the fact that I got the rouge volupte in 1 nude beige and it was just a waste of money. No moisture, emphasized my dry lips and lines…even after I exfoliated……

    1. Hi Lola, I have heard that. Im sorry. Might I suggest applying balm and then applying the lipstick with a lip brush. It should help. #1 is such a lovely color and one of my favorites, I would hate it to get wasted 😦

  4. So perfect for the coming spring/summer days! 🙂 I have the YSL volupte and a sheer candy balm…I should really resist buying anymore but your posts are tempting me to go shopping!

  5. Yes yes YES!!! I looooove sheer, balmy lipsticks and YSL’s Sheer Candy ones have been on my wishlist for a while. These new Shine ones look great though–I like that it’s still quite sheer but buildable. Maybe I’ll get one of these instead! 🙂

  6. Oh, that lip swatch is to die for! Have you ever considered modeling for cosmetic brands? This color suits you so well. It’s like Taylor’s lipstick!!!!!

  7. i want!!!
    this soft pink shade looks so pretty on you.
    the texture sounds like right up my alley. i do like my original RV, but i find it kinda difficult to wear all the time.
    very excited! thanks for your gorgeous review. 🙂

    1. Hi Lena! I do feel the same way, except for the very nude shade! This is definitely great for everyday., I think we have many similarities in the lip products we choose, which is Trouble.. 🙂

  8. Oh dear. These sound fabulous!! I realized when I properly organized my makeup, that I actually have a small number of lipsticks, considering. So, I think it’s time to change that! I’ll take a swing by Sephora some time soon and check these out. It looks gorgeous, Taylor!

  9. Somehow, I haven’t heard of this yet! It sounds PERFECT because the original YSL lipsticks just don’t look right on me but the Sheer Candy ones are…well, too sheer. It’s a gorgeous shade, I’ll definitely keep these in mind the next time I feel like splurging on a lip product 🙂

    1. The originals are definitely bright, I sometimes apply them with a lip brush over balm to soften them out . They are a food in-between you right! The Sheer are to sheer for me, but they all feel lovely 🙂

  10. Hello, I am korean. and, I am sorry. my english is not good. :’-( I am curious…YSL lipstic colour of second picture in your post..!! volupte shine#8? or another colour?

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