The Lorac PRO Palette contains 16 intensely pigmented shadows each infused with soothing botanicals. Featuring eight matte and eight shimmering shades it is designed to shade, shadow, line and define your eyes in one easy palette. In addition it contains a mini Behind The Scenes Eye Primer. 


The packaging is straight and to the point with a rubberized finish and bold silver lettering. The palette flips open with great ease and stays shut with a magnetic closure. The top row contains the eight matte shades and on the bottom, the eight shimmering shades. Marked underneath each shadow is their name, again, straight to the point and free of any misconceptions. Cream is cream, light pink is a light pink, gold is gold and so on.

lorac pro palette

My personal introduction to the Lorac Brand began when I picked up this much hyped about palette. I love a neutral palette and this selection of 16 shades had me swooning. This wonderful assortment of both matte and shimmering shades can create a variety of looks for both day and night. What has me the most impressed is the exceptional quality of these eye shadows. They are among the best that I have tried.


The left side contains the lighter shades for highlighting or base. The colors deepen as you move to the right side of the palette. White, cream, light pink, nude and champagne are all great for highlighting. Taupe is a gorgeous shade that I will wear alone for everyday. The gold is intense and I will layer it over taupe. Light bronze is a gorgeous shimmery shade for day.

lorac-pro-palette-6While the palette features mostly neutral shades, deep purple is an exception and a lovely addition. Mauve and sable are two other shades that I love for everyday. Pewter layered on top of mauve is simply stunning. Garnet mixed along with gold creates a bold metallic gold finish that makes my green eyes pop. Espresso and black are perfect for lining and work exceptionally well when wet. Slate creates a dramatic smokey eye when mixed with black. Deep purple is a shade I have yet to familiarize myself with.


The mattes are highly pigmented, easy to apply and a dream to blend. The velvety texture lends the matte shadows a gleaming quality. They appear to have an almost creamy finish. All shades have zero fallout and lasts me all day. White contains some amount of shimmer and along with light pink, these two are a bit more powdery. One layer provides an exceptional amount of pigmentation alone. The matte shadows are definitely a highlight of this palette.

lorac-pro-palette-8The shimmering shadows are more metallic and free of any glitter. Like the matte shades these are exceptionally pigmented and velvety smooth. They are a dream to blend and the effects are positively dazzling. One swipe provides ample coverage, when layered the look is intense. Gold and garnet are definitely two of my favorites. I will post a look to follow.

Lorac’s Behind the Scenes Eye Shadow Primer is a wonderful product as well. It is transparent and pretty much undetectable on. It intensifies the shadow in both finish and wear. While I am not a big fan of eye primers, this one has me seriously considering purchasing a full size.

This palette was an absolute winner in so many ways. In my opinion it easily trumps some of the more popular neutral palettes out there. At $42 for 16 shades it’s an incredible value. If you only need one palette, this is it!

You can pick one up here!

34 thoughts on “LORAC PRO Palette

  1. There are DEFINITELY shades here I’m drooling all over for! It seems like a great palette with excellent quality, as well as a great balance between matte and shimmery.

  2. This is one of the best reviews I’ve seen of this palette, good job! One of my favorite palettes is a Lorac Croc palette from a couple of years ago, but I still use it often. Have you tried Lorac blush? My favorite is Soul Ame. I am sure you will love her blush too. Thanks again for such a great review.
    — Judi
    (Did I tell you I nominated you for Blog of the Year Award?)

    1. Thank you so much Judi, that means so much. Uh oh, going to have to swatch up the blushes now 🙂 thank you for the nomination! Your words are very kind!
      My pleasure as always 🙂

  3. Great to hear you are impressed!! I have been wanting this palette for quite some time, but I got the Unzipped Palette instead. The shade ranges are amazing in this palette and i love the selection of mattes! I’ll definitely be adding this to my kit next!

  4. Oh no haha I had convinced myself that I didn’t want this palette after purchasing my Laura Mercier palette, but now I do! Thank God it’s permanent!

  5. This is beautiful, and the formula sounds divine. So many brands are doing great neutral but not boring palettes these days, I’m lemming this one as well as Laura Mercier’s Artist Palette!

  6. Great swatches, Taylor! I still have an aversion to large palettes, but this one does look lovely. I like the idea of neutrals with a kick 🙂

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