Sunday Riley Blush in Blushing

There has been a lot of talk surrounding Sunday Riley blushes, a brand very new to me. I cannot be certain where I first caught wind of its mention, although I could have sworn it was in an Allure Best of Beauty issue. I continued to hear rave reviews on blogs like and Of course I had to see for myself exactly how gorgeous these blushes actually are.

Sunday Riley’s “series of six blushes leaves your cheeks with universally flattering, sunkissed radiance. Round-shaped pigments impart a silky texture and diffuse light for natural, luminous cheek color.”


I found it difficult choosing between the two shades, Honest and Blushing. I ultimately chose Blushing due to the fact that my personal collection was devoid of a neutral pink shade. The Sunday Riley Blushes have impressed me considerably and I will most likely be adding Honest to my collection as well.


Blushing is a neutral-toned shimmering pink. When viewed in the pan, Blushing lets on the idea of a more natural, warm based pink. To my surprise, once swatched the shade pops, bringing on cooler tones and ample pigment. The shimmer is subtle and perfectly tasteful, providing a certain amount of radiance. You can wear this during the day without fear.


One swipe of the blush delivers sheer radiant color. The silky formula easily builds to provide more depth. When just swatching this product on my arm, it transformed from a powder product to something more in sync with the natural texture of my skin. It blends beautifully providing a truly radiant finish. It contains all attributes determinate of that which defines a great blush. In other words, this blush is brilliant.

sunday-riley-blushing-101-5The above swatch is heavily applied to help show the color and finish. I also applied it quite heavy in the photo below to help it show better on camera, something I always do. The formula is a great leap above Nars and with a $5 price difference I would choose this formula every time. The best-selling Nars Orgasm is similar to Sunday Riley 105 Intimate minus the glitter, just something to consider.  


wearing Sunday Riley Blush in 101 Blushing

$30 now available at

Have you tried Sunday Riley blushes? Is it a product you would like to try?

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32 Responses to Sunday Riley Blush in Blushing

  1. Nara products make me break out so ill definitely give this a go! Thanks for sharing

  2. Painted Lady says:

    What a gorgeous blush, I love the color! I’ll have to check out Sunday Riley more often!

  3. Larie says:

    That is a gorgeous, interesting plum shade! A little different from the usual pinks! I really like it. And, of course, you looking stunning, Taylor!

  4. wheetnee says:

    The packaging reminds me a bit of Dior! Your cheekbones are gorgeous Taylor!:)

  5. Sunny says:

    I need to lay my hands on some Sunday Riley soon! I’ve heard many good things about the brand. Blushing looks a bit plummy on you, which makes it interesting!

  6. Carina says:

    Ah, so beautiful! ❤ I love your blush placement.

  7. claire says:

    I was interested in this shade actually but was unsure. do I need it? will I have a dupe? your description of the texture sounds interesting and it seems very pigmented as well.

  8. lipstickhero says:

    I wear blush rarely, because I’m always trying to get rid of the redness in my cheeks rather than add to it – but I must say, this is a beautiful shade! x

  9. Arantha says:

    Wow, gorgeous blush. And that color! Yes, I need to try these! I recently picked up Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface and I love it. I then the Flush shade in my New Beauty Test Tube. They are amazing blushes as well.

  10. Oooh you got it!!! 😀 I have been wanting Honest and Blushing since seeing Sabrina’s post, as well. Keep forgetting to go check these out though–I’m super curious about SR shadows, too! Anyway, this shade is stunning on you, Taylor!

  11. Angela says:

    That Gryson bag is gorgeous! Is it the Ellie or the Ruby?! Let a girl know! 🙂

  12. Gina says:

    Taylor this blush is beautiful on you. You have just enabled me to buy it 😉 may I ask what you are wearing on the rest of your face? Thanks beautiful.

    • Hi Gina! You will love it! It gets my greatest raves! And of course
      Foundation- YSL Teint Radiance in 07 mixed with Becca Shimmering Perfector in Opal
      Powder – Laura Mercier loose setting powder – translucent
      Thank you so much Gina 🙂

  13. Dana says:

    What a gorgeous look!! What lip color are you wearing?

  14. Toya says:

    Oooh Taylor, this is beautiful!! I have heard about Sunday Riley mostly from Sabrina’s blog, but haven’t put much thought into trying out the brand. But you know me and blush – it just might have to happen now!

  15. for some reason I thought these would be more expensive! I don’t know why! I just ordered the creme breathable radiance foundation, so i can’t wait to try it. i also have a mascara sample from the brand. I wish there were more counters so i could play! 🙂

  16. Tracy Hemmings says:

    This makeup looks beautiful! What eyeshadow were you wearing here? Such a lovely subtle shade! Tracy UK 🙂

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