Chanel Malice

Malice 637 Le Vernis is part of Chanel’s Holiday 2012 Collection and is a Limited Edition. I had completely passed up this shade when viewing it online. It wasnt until a recent trip to my local Chanel counter (with the intent of picking up Accessoire Le Vernis from the Spring 2013 Collection) that I caught sight of its beauty. Malice had me do a double take and I quickly swapped out one for the other.


Chanel Malice is a deep vampy burgundy with red shimmer. Malice has a great amount of depth to it, so allow yourself some time to truly consider it. In some lighting it’s incredibly deep, the shimmer slight. In other lighting its lighter, with a great amount of red shimmer. I keep peaking at my nails to see what personality they’re taking on next. In any light it is truly magnificent, a shade you would fancy to find on a luxury sports vehicle. The shade seems original due to of its transformative quality and the finish is incredibly luxe.


Chanel Malice covers well in one coat, although two is prefered. The formula is marvelous and a dream to apply. The finish is smooth and intensely shiny, no bumping from the shimmer. I had some bad chipping on my third day, although I am a very hands-on person. I am very hard on my manicure, even though it’s something to consider. My toes have remained completely free of any signs of wear after several weeks.

Chanel Malice is Limited Addition although still available here.

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17 Responses to Chanel Malice

  1. THIS is the kind of red that I love to wear on my nails–so complex and sexy and gorgeous! 😀

  2. Sunny says:

    It IS a stunner! It really glows!

  3. Jackson says:

    I’m going to get both polishes! The Malice looks gorgeous on you Taylor.


  4. CokaRabbit says:

    such a beautiful color!!! Going to check it out at mall!

  5. Memoiselle says:

    This is a shade that’s perfect for any season! I am wearing this on both work days and for holidays, the shimmer looks so gorgeous 🙂

  6. This shade is so incredible, one of the few must-haves I’ve seen from Chanel that I don’t think cheaper brands will be able to dupe because it has that signature Chanel shimmer. I actually picked one up for a family friend’s Christmas gift, but couldn’t bring myself to buy one for myself *weeps*

  7. satine89 says:

    I loved it even before reading reviews! And now..I want to buy it!!!!

  8. Larie says:

    Ahhh…it’s so pretty. Chanel polishes are never my favorite in formula, though.

  9. So gorgeous! I was feeling nostalgic this week and pulled out good ole Vamp. One of my favs.

  10. Toya says:

    ~sigh~ I still wish I got my hands on this shade! I tried at a few different spots when I got back from NZ but no luck. I will just have to live vicariously through you I guess, I love it so much!

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