Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in No.06 Almond

The Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow collection ranges from “classic trench coat-inspired shades to smokey-metals” and are said to “adapt to all skin tones.” I have been wanting to further explore the Burberry Beauty brand since trying and loving their Sheer Glow Blush. The stunning selection of neutrals eye shadows has captured my attention for some time, particularly Midnight Brown, Rosewood and Almond, which I have here.


The Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow contains a hefty 2.5 grams of product housed inside a metal case. The compact is engraved with Burberry’s iconic plaid and is very sturdy with a fair amount of weight to it. The shadow inside is embossed with a plaid design as well. The mirror under the lid stays surprisingly clean because there is zero fall-out with this formula.


Almond is a medium brown with some warm golden tones. The finish is matte, although it contains the finest amount of shimmer that lends the shadow a lovely sheen. The texture is truly marvelous. The powder is intensely creamy and blends into the skin beautifully. While some powders sit on top of the skin, Burberry’s seem to melt into the skin allowing a luminous finish. I think the name ‘sheer’ comes from the idea that the shadow, while still providing ample color, allows your skin to naturally shine through.


I’ve layered the shadow in the image above about three times. The shadow works beautifully as a sheer wash of color and layers well for a more defined look. I found that because the shadow blends so easily into the skin I had to concentrate a bit more on my application. The lovely texture doesn’t settle into any lines or creases and wears exceptionally well. Once applied, the shadow does not budge and is by far one of the longest lasting I have come across. Almond appears warmer in the pan and on my arm than when applied to my eye, where it leans a bit more taupe.


wearing Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Almond

I am quite smitten with Almond which I have been wearing daily. It’s a perfect neutral to wear alone of layered with other shadows. While I think that $30 is a bit of a splurge for a single eye shadow, the amount provided is certainly ample and will last me for a long time to come.

(also wearing NYX Taupe blush as a contour, Burberry Sheer Blush in Peony, and Revlon Kissable Lip Stain in Darling)

Have you tried Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow’s? Any thoughts?

30 thoughts on “Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in No.06 Almond

  1. love, love, love them! Especially Rosewood. It makes these wrinkled eyelids not wrinkled, lasts all day. I can wear just rosewood and with a bit of blending it can look like a few colors had been applied. I love that about it. Also, love the e/s quads I was lucky enough to pick up. I think the eyeshadows are worth every penny!.
    💰 Judi

    1. Hi Judi, that’s great to hear! Now that you mention Rosewood again I’m going to have trouble thinking of much else today 🙂 I heard some review of the quads not being up to par in formula, so I wanted to see them in person and swatch them up.. Thoughts a.

  2. Oh Taylor, I want your face please! Have I told you that you have a stunning facial features? So pretty! Anyway Rosewood, Almond and Pale Barley are on my wish list 🙂

  3. The finish of this is so lovely. It’s like the full sophistication of mattes but with eye-enhancing shimmer hidden within it. I’m completely obsessed with neutrals, I never tire of them, and this color is just beautiful. The formula of these shadows sounds near-perfect.

  4. This shade is gorgeous on you. I love the sheerness of the eye shadows of Burberry, it looks amazing on the skin and I think anyone can get away with it. Gosh Taylor, that last picture is absolutely stunning! You look so perfect here 🙂

      1. LOL yay for your momma! I uh went to the Burberry counter today and Rosewood came home with me. That thing is sooooo soft and the pearly finish is beautiful. Can’t wait to play!

  5. Whoa, I was marveling at how beautiful the shadow was on the pan and as a swatch but I didn’t think it would be that gorgeous when worn on the eye! Beautiful pick 😀

  6. Almond is a perfect shade for you! I only have a quad, but I’d like to explore more of their single shadows, as well. The texture is lovely!

  7. It’s interesting, this DOES look more taupe on you worn, Taylor – but it doesn’t take away from it’s prettiness in the least! I could easily own each of Burberry’s eyeshadows – I only have Trench but it’s so, so soft and lovely, and the shades of the rest of the line look equally as beautiful. This is a great pick!

  8. Oh, I was at the Burberry counter yesterday and I swatched all the quads and singles like a mad woman! I got myself Pale Barley and Midnight Brown. I already have Mulberry and have been wearing it every day! So, I knew I wanted more. Almond looks so different on you! I think I’m smitten… and a little crazy about Burberry now…

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