21 thoughts on “5 things this week…

  1. This is just so lovely, I am in love with the last picture, orchids are one of my favourites! I can’t wait to read your review on the Hourglass powder!

  2. EEEEEEEEKKK–too cute!!! Aww, I want a card from my Lady now!! 😛 I did have my little Lady give my mom a birthday card one year and I even tried to get her to “sign” it by using dirt and a little water on her paw to get it a bit muddy and pressing it on the card 😛 Needless to say it didn’t work but I suppose it’s the thought that counts. haha

  3. AWWWW oh my gosh the card from Blu!!!!! When I first had to be away from my kitten when I went on vacation, my boyfriend wrote me these little emails from her..like Blu, she hadn’t totally mastered proper spelling/grammer 😉 I can’t wait to see your review of the Hourglass powder! x

  4. Ah, you were able to make a decision about the Hourglass Powder! I cannot wait to see what you think. I’m still undecided about which shade I want: it’s a paradox of choice thing.

    ♥ Jessica

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