Hourglass Ambeint Lighting Powder in Diffused Light

Hourglass has recently released a finishing powder called Ambient Lighting Powder in six shades. I can’t quite recall this much hype surrounding a new release in the beauty world before. Of course I had to see for myself what this magical powder was about. After much debating I’ve finally settled on the shade, ‘Diffused Light’.


Hourglass Ambient Powder is “a groundbreaking collection of finishing powders that capture, diffuse, and soften the way light reflects on the skin. Ambient’s illuminating particles are one of the first ever to exhibit both photoluminescence and color-correcting capabilities.” The six powders come in a variation of shades with different illuminating abilities.


The powder is finely milled and utterly silky. It contains the finest shimmer that softly reflects light in the most flattering way. I go for an all over face application with this both day and night.


Diffused Light is a soft, warm yellow power said to reduce redness, eliminate shine and give skin clarity. While the powder is mainly marketed as an all over finishing powder you can certainly use them as a highlighter as I am seeing some people do. The Ambient powder doesn’t have the setting abilities as my usual go-to and I must layer it on top on certain areas especially my under eye. As a person not to keen on powder and its mattifying finish, I am a huge fan of this one.


Diffused light does not give me a powdery finish but rather a luminescent, ‘lit from within’ look. It softens and blurs imperfections and any color inconsistencies. It works beautifully to diminish any red-tones. This shade worked well for my light complexion and I have tested and approved it on my tanned skin as well.


Does Hourglass Ambient Powder’s live up to their hype? I say, absolutely! The powder is stunning and has made its way into my everyday routine. Whether I use a tinted moisturizer or a medium foundation Diffused Light works to give me a perfect finish.

The six shades:

  • Diffused Light – reduce redness, eliminate shine, gives skin clarity
  • Ethereal Light – and opalescent sheer, cool white powder that mimics a moonlit glow
  • Radiant Light – extend a summer glow, enhance your overall complexion with a believable subtle warmth (see it reviewed on The Beauty Sample)
  • Mood Light – mimic the softest most-forgiving light and reveal your lightest complexion
  • Dim Light – the perfect balance of warm and cool tones, blur imperfections and bring light to your most radiant complexion (see it reviewed by Glitter Geek)
  • Luminous Light – soft, incandescent candlelit glow (see it reviewed on the beauty look book)

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder is $45 and available at Sephora and Nordstrom

31 thoughts on “Hourglass Ambeint Lighting Powder in Diffused Light

  1. I love how it seem to mattify the skin without making the skin looks lifeless. You still see that beautiful glow of your skin! And yes, these powders are all the hype in beauty land, it’s great to see that you’re loving it as well! ^^

  2. It does look really lovely, but then, I don’t think I can really tell, because your skin always looks radiant, Taylor! I sort of want to try one, but I can’t decide which one.

  3. Diffused Light makes your skin look beautiful! I love this one too, probably even more than Dim Light, although I can’t really decide. Great review 🙂 Did you ever find a way to make Mood Light work, by the way?

  4. Whoaa look at you! So Photoshopped! I’m definitely moving away from very mattifying powders in this weather. Would loooove to check out Diffused Light (and maybe also Dim Light)!

  5. Aw thank you so much for the shoutout, Taylor! And WOW–you know, I want to say that this powder looks amazing on you, but I’m pretty sure your skin looks that amazing all the time, regardless! 😛 Still, I am very curious about Diffused Light. I have yellow undertones as well as some problems with redness around my nose area so I will definitely be checking this one out!

    1. Your so welcome 🙂 and thank you. My skin certainly doesn’t look nearly like this without makeup. Do check it out, it’s definitely tones down redness. I would love to check out Radiant myself, I’m thinking it might add some summer warmth.. Everyone seems to be wanting more, haha.

  6. This is TOTALLY working for you Taylor! You’re right, the buzz around these has been insane – good on ya, Hourglass! They’re definitely my fave brand right now, and for good reason 🙂 I hemmed and hawed over which one to go with, and after doing a little investigation I think I’m going to pick up Dim Light – I think for my skintone and my preferences it’s the best choice. I also dislike the effect of regular powders, so it really appeals to me that I can use this allover. I will still have to set my makeup in places, but hopefully this will add the radiance back into my skin where needed!

    1. Yes I think Dim will be perfect for you! You and I are definitely on the same page with the concept of powders, and you will love this! I was very excited that it can be used all over as well, that was definitely one of the selling points 🙂

  7. I’m SO glad you love these! Some of my clients at Sephora are having a hard time wrapping their minds around this concept. I wasn’t sold on them until the Hourglass rep did my face, she did a lighter color all over and contoured with the darker color. I had to look at it in the natural light, but wowza! LOVE IT.

  8. Thanks for this review Taylor! You look very pretty with it on. 🙂 I was wondering though, could this replace a setting powder like Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder? You also mentioned you had to layer this under your eyes, was there any shimmer build up and does it help your under eye concealer from creasing?

    1. Hi Faye. Ok so, I use the LM setting powder as well. I’m terms of layering I meant that I layer this on top of the setting powder under my eye area. I use a heavier concealer and the Ambient Powder didn’t set it well alone.. Layering it dosnt build up shimmer of cause creasing, it’s very natural looking in fact creamy in a sense.
      I hope this helps
      Thank you 🙂

  9. Hi Taylor!

    I’m tone between getting Becca’s Shimmering skin perfecter in moonstone or Hourglass’ In diffused light! Do you think it’s worth buying both? I wonder if the powder wouldn’t work on my dry skin.. What do you think?

    I love LOVE your blog!

    1. Hi Angela, thank you so much! I think the products are so different that they are incomparable. I love the results of both! I wouldn’t use them together though. I have dry skin as well and I think the powder is a great option for those with dry skin, it’s not really mattifying.
      Hope that helps 🙂

  10. Okay, I have to ask – what is your “usual go-to” powder? I like the idea of layering this over a setting powder.

  11. Thanks for the review!
    I am so interested with this but curious on how is it compared with NARS Light Glow powder.
    Other than this one, I am also interested in Dim Light which looks very nice to be used as a powder.

  12. I’ve been trying really hard to resist the temptation of these powders but your pictures are really convincing! This sounds like… the perfect powder. To me, at least! Thanks for sharing (and making me add this to my Sephora list).

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