The white nail trend with Deborah Lippmann’s Amazing Grace

White nails were a recurrent trend happening on the Spring 2013 runways. I have been quite excited to execute the trend myself. White nails are sleek and modern and a welcome diversion from the crazy nail art trends. Not to be confused with ‘white out’ mani.


deborah-lippmann-amazing-graceDeborah Lippmann’s Amazing Grace is the perfect white shade to achieve this look. It doesn’t have a chalky finish like other white polishes. The first coat goes on quite streaky although I havent met an opaque white that hasn’t. I found it necessary to add two extra layers for a perfect opaque finish. The first two coats set a base for third coat to apply perfectly. Like all Deborah Lippmann polishes Amazing Grace has a long wear time with no chipping.


White polish looks stunning on tanned skin and paired with gold accessories. I might also mention that white polishes will change color on you if you expose them to any makeup products that leave you with a stain so try to keep them clean.  


(wearing 3 layers of Amazing Grace and Seche Vite Top Coat)

Amazing Grace $17 here

What nail trends are you excited for this Spring?


23 thoughts on “The white nail trend with Deborah Lippmann’s Amazing Grace

  1. So pretty! My daughter has been wearing this one ,to show off her new engagement ring and it is gorgeous, makes her look ore tan and healthy. Thanks for sharing Taylor!
    – Judi

  2. I really like this trend. I remember I wore white nails to my prom and it sort of was a mini-trend around that time (hmm, wow nearly 5 years ago!) For a while, I didn’t really like them anymore, favoring more of a soft/sheer white, but now that I see them again and on your nails, I think it’s really pretty 🙂

  3. I like it, but I’m still working on my nail artistry…this would be nice when I’m a little more tan this summ, I like the idea of gold accessories too. 🙂

  4. I was never into the white nail trend as some others mentioned, but like most things it’s grown on me! However, I tried it on myself and I just could NOT enjoy it on my darker skin – but it looks great on you Taylor! I’m going to try and find a bit of a softer white and see how it goes 🙂

  5. I really dislike the chalky versions, they remind me too much of tip-ex, lol. But this one is a different story, it’s like you said, the finish does it all!

  6. Totally loving the new white trend as well – so pristine! OPI’s My Vampire Is Buff is a good option for a non- stark white, but CHANEL’s new Eastern Light is so pure and non-streaky! You have me curious to check this one now – does it have any shimmer?

  7. I like the look of white or for me a pale pink color. It always looks so nice and fresh. I always had to paint my nails and if I don’t know what color to paint then I opted for either Revlon’s Pale Cashmere or Essie’s Vanity fairest. Great Post!

  8. GORGEOUS! I love a milky white (like Essie Marshmallow) and this polish is stunning! I’m into pastels right now…just stocked up on a bunch of Urban Outfitters polishes in bright pastel shades for spring. Post coming soon about them!

  9. So lovely on your skintone! I love how fresh and clean white nails look, but the streakiness just drives me up the wall. I’m usually a one-coater type of gal, so I generally steer clear of the color. Might have to give it a try this spring though, you do make a convincing case~

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