5 things this week…

Happy Sunday everyone!

I am quite excited for this upcoming week! I’m specifically referring to Wednesday, the first day of spring! Despite the snowfall we had yesterday in New York I have not deterred from incorporating some fresh spring hues into my routine. I’ve already started rediscovering some old spring and summer beauty favorites along with some new ones as well.


beauty mail from Cult Beauty


3 of my absolute favorites rediscovered – Illamasqua Lament, Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream, Chanel Holiday


some retail therapy – love this colorblock wallet from JCrew and a lip tee from Zara (strictly for wearing to bed)


Sunday Pamper


a lot of lovely from Dior for Spring 2013

What are some of your Spring beauty favorites?

19 thoughts on “5 things this week…

  1. I’m so looking to Spring beginning as well. Ah, coconut oil is such a lifesaver for my hair – I use it year round, and in winter the scent always makes me long for warm weather and the beach. Love the J Crew wallet.

  2. Whoa so many goodies! I think I need Illamasqua Lament! It’s screaming my name rather loudly! Which NARS pencil did you get? Man that Dior display looks amazing! Can’t believe we won’t get it here till April!

    1. Sunny.. Lament is incredible! It’s also an incredible formula. I haven’t picked up any of the nars Lippies yet but did have Lodhi on my mind 🙂
      Omg Dior! Dior hasn’t wowed me in some time, I have to say. This did it for me 🙂

  3. Ahh I’ve wanted Mermaid’s Dream since it came out but I just can’t EVER bring myself to purchase high(er)-end polishes–I am super stingy when it comes to nail polish 😛 I just feel like there are so many great drugstore brands that I’d rather save my money and spend it on products that are a little more worth splurging on, like blushes or eyeshadows, etc. (that’s just my opinion though, of course). Deborah Lippmann seems to do really nice, unique glitters though so I’m sure one day I will cave…Illamasqua is the #1 brand that makes me lust for higher-end polishes, though. They just consistently put out such AMAZING polishes! Definitely plan on purchasing some of their shades soon!

    1. Hi Becca,
      I was the same way! Deborah Lippmann was actually my very first splurge, I just couldn’t resist and I actually haven’t come around another shade as unusual, it reflects light just beautifully and I stare at it when I wear it. Also DL and Illamasqua are the nest polishes I’ve come across, Lament is another one that is just so bold I can’t stop staring at it! I know this wasn’t helpful haha. I have purchased a lot if high-end since but these are definitely the best!

  4. Love the look of that Dior display! Makes me want to swatch them all like a lunatic! 🙂 I just recently ordered Butter London’s Trout Pout and Teddy Girl and I’ve got a hot pink Buxom lip gloss on my radar. I love spring colors and can’t wait for warmer weather!

    1. Isn’t it amazing! The polishes are just so beautiful! The lipsticks actually made me a bit more excited than the glosses, lots of lovely corals and punks. I actually love the Buxom Lip glosses, the formula is one of my favorites!

      1. I love corals and pinks, too, so spring makeup season is always the best for me! I’m excited to try out the Buxom glosses – glad to hear you love them! Are they minty or fruity scented? I’m down with fruit (odd phrase out of context) but I don’t love mint!

  5. Love the imagery of this Taylor – bring on the warmer weather!! Its supposed to snow (again) here this week, and today its -19 with the wind chill…ARGH! Generally speaking, spring collections don’t usually do it for me, probably because it’s NEVER really spring or even spring-like weather-wise when they launch. But things like these relaunched Dior glosses or the new NARS satin pencils are great because they aren’t LE or spring-themed exactly, but are just something to look forward to in general 🙂

    1. I usually love spring and summer collections, about mid-winter I’m ready for it, haha. A lot of collections did not get my attention though, there was a LOT of pink going on. I’m so excited for the NARS pencils there are so many beautiful looking shades 🙂

    1. The L’Occitane is a new discovery for me. I fell in love with the scent after sampling the bath oil wash, omg is so incredible! Yes the glosses look very very delicious, *drooling along with you*

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