DermOrganic Masque Intensive Hair Repair

DermOrganic’s line of haircare products are made using ingredients that are “synergistic to your hair and skin to replenish from the outside what your hair and skin need inside for health and vitality.” The products are vegan and free of artificial preservatives, sulfates, gluten, sodium chloride, parabens, mea, deo or dyes.


The Intensive Hair Repair Masque is an intensive deep conditioner that repairs damaged hair. Made with Omega-6, anti-oxidants, rice amino acids, essential lipids, and Argan Oil it is scientifically created to work along with the hairs natural complex to deeply moisturize dry and damaged hair from the inside-out.

Giving some background, my hair is on the finer side and dry and damaged from hair color processes and from exposure to heat styling tools. I have been using this mask regularly for about 2 months now and have experienced great results. I swap it out for my regular conditioner about every other day or every two days. I leave the DermOrganic mask on for the duration of my shower, or as long as I can. My hair feels instantly silky and free or any tangles. Even when used with this frequency it never feels weighed down. My hair feels deeply conditioned and more manageable. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone of any hair type seeking a deep conditioning mask.

DermOrganic Masque comes in several sizes from travel to full-size $8-36



16 thoughts on “DermOrganic Masque Intensive Hair Repair

  1. I had to check out the ingredient list and it looks pretty promising! I don’t think I’ve found many masks/conditioners that are silicone-free. While my hair is fine with silicone, I wonder if it’d be happier without it. Now I have to look around and see if I can find it!

  2. Oh, this sounds like the thing I need! My scalp doesn’t like the sulfates too much, it get’s irritated so this sounds perfect! I love how there is argan oil in it too, and without silicones!

  3. I’m very bad with hair care. I have fine hair and I think I used the wrong product and it made my hair fall. I’m now taking Biotin supplements and using hair fall control shampoos. Sucks big time!

  4. thank you for the recommendation, I use another good hair oil for repairing my hair, It’s pro naturals moroccan argan oil which is very nice. 😀

  5. I have long wavy hair and a lot of it – moisturizing products are my hair’s best friend. I’ve seen a lot about this brand recently and nothing but good reviews. I find pure coconut and jojoba oils are my favorites for deep conditioning, but I don’t always have time to deal with deep shampooing to get all the oil out, so I do love more traditional-style hair masques as well

  6. Hmm, this sounds quite nice Taylor! I’m not sure it’d work for me – I actually like the ‘weighty’ deep treatments because of my hair type – but still! You’d probably enjoy the John Masters Organics Lavender and Avocado Intensive Treatment as well, it’s nice and light too!

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