YSL Rouge Volupté *Shine* in #8, #13, #6

When YSL released their Rouge Volupté ‘Shine’ lipsticks earlier this year I ordered #8 ‘Pink in Confidence’ right away (full review here)I am a huge fan of the original formula and was quickly won over with the new ‘shinier’ version. Since swatching the colors in store I picked up two additional shades which I am sharing with you today. ysl-rv-shine-1 The Rouge Volupté Shine Lipsticks are housed in the signature YSL gold packaging with a color indicator ‘belt’. The ‘Shine’ lipsticks are as smooth as the originals with a glossy finish. One swipe imparts bold color and when layered the color as well as the shine is increased. ysl-shine-1

Pink in Devotion #6 (bright hibiscus pink)

Pink in Confidence #8 (a dusty pale pink)

Pink in Paris #13 (a rose pink)


The photos above show how the product increases in pigment and shine when layered. The Rouge Volupté Shine are incredibly comfortable and highly moisturizing. The shade ‘Pink in Devotion’ #6 contains a visible amount of shimmer.

ysl-rv-shine-2 ysl-rv-shine-6

wearing #8 ‘Pink in Confidence’ (above)

ysl-rv-shine-15 wearing #13 ‘Pink in Paris’ (above)


wearing #6 ‘Pink in Devotion’ (above)

YSL Rouge Volupté ‘Shine’ $34 available at nordstrom.com & sephora.com

#6 Pink in Devotion, #14 Pink in Paris, #8 Pink in Confidence

Have you tried the new formula? Your thoughts?

33 thoughts on “YSL Rouge Volupté *Shine* in #8, #13, #6

  1. I been wanting these lippies for ever now. I’m wondering if Sephora got them in yet? Do you know? I love #6 on you. #13 is also gorgeous. These are def on my wishlist.

  2. OOOO my God! I keep saying I want to take a look at these and keep forgetting about it, but now I really really really have to!!! Great picks, Taylor! Such beautiful beautiful pinks!

  3. They all look lovely on you! I bought #8 after reading your first review but sadly it didn’t turn out as pale since I have pigmented lips. It turned out more like a my lips but better shade! I love the formula, it’s so light yet its so moisturizing! I’m considering getting #13 now, it’s such a lovely pink for summer 🙂

  4. Seriously stunning, Taylor! I can’t decide which I like best on you. I only just ordered #12, but you’ve made me crave even more of them.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. 8 is really your colour, it’s so you! But I love the other two as well, especially 6! I bought mine last week but I still need to try it! I love the packaging so much of these ^^.

  6. I really enjoy YSL new shine lipsticks, all of them. I particularly lean toward the bright pinks of the range. Although I’m a Tom Ford fan, I think YSL does a better job on color range, pigmentation, wearing with more affordable price and the same quality. I swatched them all in store and got some in mind. As soon as my makeup ban is lifted, I’ll grab them. Lovely pictures Taylor!

    1. Yes, nothing beats YSL pigmentation and colors! They always just seem to nail it for me 🙂 I’m very curious to try a TF lipstick, the colors look so incredible! I’m having trouble paying more than what I already do for lipstick though, what’s with all these bans??
      Thank you

  7. I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I’m slowly being converted by your swatches, Taylor! I just have a hard time paying $39CAD for a lippie…though once you go there, everything else will seem cheap lol.

  8. I am really loving those so much, so impressed and the pigmentation is actually very good and they are not as slippery as the RV 😀 you look great in every colour, I have pink in paris and another one that name I forgot, lol. you make so many lemmings ❤

  9. Such a stunning trio of pinks! I love Pink in Paris just for the name hahaha, but oof cannot even pick a favorite. I think I need one of these in my life, you make them look oh so stunning. Would you happen to know how the formula compares to the Dior Addict lipsticks?

    1. Aww thank you so much! I love the formula. I find the YSL shines are definitely more pigmented than the Dior Addicts, the Dior feels more like a balm and you layer for more intense color… And the YSL is more slick and coats in one go. Both feel moisturizing to me, hope that helps 🙂

  10. Got Corail Intuitive and just ordered Pink in Devotion after seeing your pics, was a difficult choice between the three as they are all gorgeous. Great post x

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