Dior Vernis ‘Sparkling Shine’ Collection Diablotine 643

Dior released four nail polish shades for Spring in their ‘Sparkling Shine’ Collection. I was absolutely smitten with these shimmering shades as soon as I spotted them. I have already shared with you my review of Délice. Teri from BellaChique.com has a lovely review of Spring Ball and the manicurator.com has some incredible swatches of Princess. Today I am sharing with you my absolute favorite of the bunch, Diablotine #643.


Diablotine is a red-coral with pink and gold shimmer. The formula is exquisite as per usual and the flat/tapered brush makes application incredibly easy. The polish easily covers in one coat. Two coats lasted me five days without chipping.


The shimmer in Diablotine is beautiful and in the sunlight it’s utterly captivating. My photos have not quite captured just how lovely this shade is. It appears more flat in my photos than when viewed it in person.


I also picked up Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in Diablotine which I will share with you this week.

Dior Vernis $24 (nordstrom)

Have you picked up any of the polishes from the ‘Sparkling Shine’ Collection?

17 thoughts on “Dior Vernis ‘Sparkling Shine’ Collection Diablotine 643

  1. Aaaw, thanks for the link love Taylor! Diablotine is such a lovely shade too! The shimmer is done very well again, gah, I love the whole line! Great pictures too! ^^

  2. This collection is finally coming out here tomorrow and I can’t wait! I’ll definitely check them out on Thursday. Diablotine looks gorgeous on you! Can’t wait to see the Addict Extreme!

  3. I absolutely adore this line, I am more than impressed. I also have Diablotine addict extreme and this shade is amazing! I also noticed a glorious staying power with those nail polishes, Dior is a hit this year ❤

  4. I haven’t been sold on these polishes (as I’m not a huge shimmer polish fan) but I saw some swatches this week that changed my mind. I’m thinking I’ll get one of them before the one is out!

  5. Brilliant red! I plan on picking up this polish too, it’s my favorite ou of the 4 released. If you have time, please let me know what you think of my Dior Nail Glow polish review too 🙂

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