A shade for the fiery tempress – Diablotine Addict Extreme Lipstick

Dior’s Addict Gloss Collection is made to be mixed and matched for hundreds of possibilities. “Four shimmering shades of Dior Addict lipstick and four, pure, more sophisticated shades of Dior Addict Extreme allows you to have fun and create your own custom-made look.” Today I have the coordinating shade Diablotine on my lips and tips.


Diablotinedisplays the sensual red of a fiery temptress or, of a Trafalgar dress, straight out of a Dior show.” This sheer muted-red is easy to wear, I wont need to wait for an event to wear this ‘everyday’ red-shade. The Dior Addict Extreme lipstick packs gorgeous pigment and wears comfortably, providing my lips with an extra dose of moisture. Layering this lipstick provides more pigment along with some extra sheen. It’s not the best for longevity but the low maintenance, slick formula makes it easy to reapply.


I have swatched Diablotine in the photo above, first with one coat and then layered.  I adore this shade paired under the shimmering Dior Addict Gloss on Etoilee 013, which adds incredible dimension. Diablotine Addict Extreme Lipstick pairs perfectly with Diablotine Nail Polish.


Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick $31 (nordstrom.com)

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33 Responses to A shade for the fiery tempress – Diablotine Addict Extreme Lipstick

  1. Sunny says:

    Ahh Taylor you ARE a temptress! I’ll finally get to check the line-up out tomorrow, and seeing how Diablotine looks on you definitely gives this one extra points!

  2. xlovehappyx says:

    wow the dior lippie is gorgeous…seems like a great color for all skin tones

  3. Love the lip colour and your nails are very pretty too

  4. Larie says:

    Ahhh, Taylor, you are so gorgeous! This is a beautiful coordinating duo, I love it. There’s something really fresh about that combination.

    Also, your winged liner rocks.

  5. You look sexy, babe!! You’re so tempting me with this shade. I must resist!

  6. Annick says:

    Diablotine is THE color for Spring and I NEED it bad! It’s stunning on you! It’s the perfect coral!

  7. Teri says:

    Wow Taylor, you are looking hot! I swatched the new dior lippies today and ofcourse I loved every Extreme version, especially Diablotine and Delice, lol. You look amazing girl!

  8. I love everything about this look – you look completely stunning! You really must do a winged liner tutorial someday, I need to learn your technique – your wing is perfectly shaped and subtle every time! Your skin looks so fresh and naturally flawless as well

  9. Arantha says:

    Wow!!!! Looooove this on you!! I need it!!

  10. claire says:

    Taylor, this shade looks beautiful on you!! I am so glad I already have it, otherwise I would be very tempted to get this colour. I really like the effect with diablotine gloss as well, the Dior addic extremes are a win for sure, love them! ❤

  11. MEwo says:

    Wow and there I was so sure I didn’t need this…. Love it!

  12. I love Dior’s lipstick formula, they’ve really got it down, so from there it’s just the process of deciding which of the many shades I like best 😛 This one is so beautiful on you! And I love the whole thing they did with the matching lips and tips, not exactly a new concept but they made it seem fresh and chic. Ah, Dior.

  13. Taylor you are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and can sell me ANYTHING. Must look for this!

  14. Tiffany says:

    Taylor, Diablotine looks AMAZING on your lips! It seems like the perfect shade for summer too. I love the Dior Addict Extreme formula 🙂

  15. glambunctious says:

    Beautiful, Taylor! You look so glowy and sophisticated! 🙂

  16. wheetnee says:

    I love the colour and it looks perfect on you! Tried it on today at Sephora and wanted to buy it 😦

  17. Latoya says:

    I think this is one of my fave lippies on you Taylor! I bought Delice (Extreme version) last week and am totally loving it.

  18. Grogeous temptress red! Love the matching set too. I just did a review for Dior Nail Glow, stop by my blog and visit if you have time 😉

  19. Britanie says:

    Oh my goodness – you look so gorgeous. I love the matching lips and nails 🙂

  20. Rebecca says:

    You look so pretty! I bought this lipstick when it first came out to see others feedback and your blog post describes it perdectyly!!! Such an amazing color! Can wear it with a nutral face to warm it up or glam it like you did! Just wondering what eye shadow are you wearing in the picture?

  21. Omg, I can’t get over how absolutely gorgeous that color is. :3 It looks so perfect on you! I have to say though, it looks so different on the swatch. PS: Love the matching nails!

    • Thank you so much! It is more similar in intensity to the first swatch than the second. The color adheres better to the dry skin on the arm than the lips which are moist. 🙂

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