Earth Day and an All Natural Face

Happy Earth Day Beauties.

In lieu of this day I have created a makeup look using an assortment of all natural, clean and eco-friendly beauty products. Natural beauty brands have come a long way in past couple of years creating formulations on par with high-end brands. I love to experiment with natural cosmetics since experiencing incredible results by incorporating mostly natural and organic ingredients into my skin care routine. While I do use some natural beauty products my personal routine is certainly not a clean one.


In this look:

  • RMS “Un” cover-up #22 – (as foundation)
  • Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Golden Bronzer (used as bronzer and contour)
  • RMS Cream Eye Shadow in Magnetic (on lids)
  • W3LL People Universalist Multi-use Color Pot in #2 (applied to cheekbones, brow bones and inner corner of eyes)
  • Honeybee Gardens Truly Natural Mascara in Black Magic
  • Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi-use in Impulse #209 (on lips and cheeks)
  • Kahina Giving Beauty Toning Mist (to set makeup and to add a dewy finish)


What are some of your natural beauty faves?

25 thoughts on “Earth Day and an All Natural Face

  1. Pretty, Taylor! You really are a natural beauty ❤ I don't think I have a lot of natural products in my makeup routine. In my skincare routine yes, but I am always a tiny bit skeptical about natural makeup products. I'm sure it's an unreasonable bias 😉

    1. Aww thanks so much Sunny. I can definitely hear where your coming from with companies and they’re claims. natural is such an overused term. There are a few co panties which I do consider highly. Then I do love my high end makeup 🙂 xxoo

  2. This is pretty impressive! If I tried to go all natural, I would be wearing lip balm and not much else. As for my all natural faves, I have really been enjoying the Juice Beauty skincare line.

    1. I do mean natural in terms ingredients. I defintely have my lip balm days, though I need my mascara 🙂 I hear good things about Juice beauty, I remember discovering it on QVC years ago, I picked up the apple peal. Thank you! xx

  3. I loooove this look on you! Your skin looks so beautiful and has so much glow here. I also didn’t think that the Vapour’s Impulse would look more pink than red after applied! Nonetheless, it still looks really nice on you. I really like Vapour’s line of blushes, but not so much on the lips, like you said it applies a bit dry but that’s why it’s so nice on the cheeks 🙂

  4. Oh goodness Taylor–you need to STOP being so pretty, already!! 😛 haha But really, love this look. That Vapour blush shade is PERFECTION on you! And you’re really making me want to try Kahina now, too! 😀

  5. You know I love all natural makeup 🙂 So happy to see this post. You look STUNNING and your skin is glowing. I love RMS beauty and I am dying to try Kahina products!

  6. Great post Taylor, you know that I adore RMS and love my Kahina oil already 😀 vapour is amazing, their foundation is great as well! at leats the colour is light enough for me, rms is a tad dark and yellow now on me 😦 you look beautiful and your skin looks so polished! such an amazing post, I feel like natural brands are getting better and better ❤

  7. SO pretty. Amazingly, I don’t think I’ve tried any of these brands, though the uncoverup has been on my wishlist since seeing your review. The Vapour color looks lovely, especially. It’s exciting that there seems to be so much new, truly natural makeup that’s high quality on the market. I used to feel like “all natural” meant compromising quality, but that seems to really have changed!

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