5 things this week…


a white mani for the week and the latest Allure


some people have asked if I picked up anything from the Sephora VIB sale – ergo – some well trusted staples and a few new things (Shiseido Foundation Brush is new and incredible!)


some Paul & Joe whimsy


the weather permitted sandals this week! (Chanel Azure pedi pairing)


Blu amid the dandelions

I hope you all had a lovely week! 

32 thoughts on “5 things this week…

  1. I got the Hourglass primer duo too! I’m in love with the No. 28 primer serum..I’ve been using it both as a night time treatment and primer. I’M IN LOVE!

  2. gotta love some whimsy…and cute shoes…and as always cute pup. I feel like our dogs would get along and would see eye to eye on things. 🙂 have a great week yourself.

  3. The Paul and Joe whimsy shot just makes me smile! Blu is precious, and love the pedi color! Azure definitely looks fab for sandal season!

  4. Ooooh, I’m seeing so much lovely things! Edward Bess, which one did you get??? And Azure, aaaah, pretty! ^^ And look at those cute Paul&Joe make-up, yay! Love everything!

  5. Yay for the Paul & Joe Cheek Color duo!! I love mine so much and really want more! Also glad you’re loving the Shiseido brush. I only need 2 tools to apply my foundation: my hands or the Shiseido brush. It works with everything so beautifully! Oh and please tell me you got Monte Carlo for the EB Quad Royale! It’s one of my favorite cheek products ever! I am going to get Summer in Capri next–can’t wait!

    I am *dying* over that adorable picture of Blu in the dandelions. What a handsome little fellow! He and Lady really need to hook up! *winkwinknudgenudge* hahaha!

  6. Haaaai Blu! What a cutie 😉

    I love the Shiseido Foundation Brush! Glad to hear you also like it! Can’t wait to hear what you think about the Edward Bess quad you picked up! I got Secret Affair and I’m waiting impatiently for it to make its way here 🙂 MUST HAVE Chanel Azure! Love your sandals!!! Have a great week Taylor 🙂

  7. I went a bit overboard at the VIB Sale. Oops 😉 I love that Living Proof Styling Creme. It makes my hair so smooth! Where are your sandals from? I’m in love with them!

    1. Hi Rachel! Isn’t it the best!! Honestly my hair is a big curly poof ball in the summer and this is the ONLY thing that keeps in control, it’s pretty amazing. I just picked up the sandals at DSW shoe warehouse, they’re by Zigi Soho. I think they have an online site now, worth a look. And thank you 🙂

  8. Such GORGEOUS sandals!! Paul & Joe products always look sooo pretty.. I really need to give in to one of their cat lipsticks once. Ah! Have a nice week 🙂

    1. Thanks Isabelle, the cat lipsticks are so cute, I think they’re blush actually although I’m not certain. So I’m not the biggest cat person but if they had an elephant I would be all over it 🙂

    1. Yes, so sweet! I just happen to adore elephants so when I saw the lipstick case .. I figured now is the time to finally pick up some P & J. The little girl in me can’t get enough! xx

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