Paul & Joe Cheek Color in Re-Belle from Spring 2013 Carousel Collection

My introduction into the whimsical world of Paul & Joe Beaute began with their ‘Carousel Collection’ released this past Spring. I’m not one who is usually drawn in to such “pretty” although it seems to happen more often the older I get. My curiosity for the collection first began when I caught a glimpse of the elephant lipstick case (cases and lipsticks are sold separately), which I found quite irresistible. After seeing some swatches of the blushes on some of my daily beauty reads my interest was further piqued.


The Collection included three limited edition lipsticks. I soon found that tracking down one of these limited edition shades was not an easy feat. After some searching I finally came across the lovely coral shade ‘Merry-go-round’, which I had my eye on, at I havent included swatches of the lipstick shade in this post because its simply not available anywhere to my knowledge, so on to the blush!


Paul & Joe released 10 blushes in their ‘Carousel Collection’. Like the Lipsticks, the blushes are purchased separately from the cases and come out to $26 together, $18 for the blush and $8 for the case. The blush refill fits securely in place the compact by a magnet. I picked up the shade Re-belle described as a “blissful blend of shining rose and warm apricot designed for breathtakingly neutral looks.”


Re-belle is a lovely pink-rose shade. It has a sweet scent of plastic childhood toys, Charmkins anyone? The scent isn’t that overwhelming and does disappear after some time. The two shades can be applied separately to create a lovely contour or swirled together. The blush contains a heavy over-spray of shimmer. Most of the over-spray washes away, although to my best efforts, quite a large amount of shimmer still remained. The shimmer particles are quite large and tend to sit in pores which is unfortunate because the blush is rather lovely. The formula is very soft and blends into skin quite beautifully, leaving a lovely sheen.


I have over-applied Re-belle in the above image to best show the shade. When photographing these photos I need to consistently apply the blush as the intensity wore away very quickly. Paul and Joe Cheek Color is not one for long-wear but does create a lovely natural glow for several hours.

In conclusion, the wear of the blush and amount of shimmer doesn’t make this one a love for me. I am hoping in due time some more shimmer will wear away making it more wearable. I am not against shimmer if it is executed well, leaving a natural effect. The lipstick however is a beauty and I will gladly review it upon request.

Paul & Joe Cheek Color

available at,, and

16 thoughts on “Paul & Joe Cheek Color in Re-Belle from Spring 2013 Carousel Collection

  1. Hey Taylor, I’m sorry to hear this is a bit meh for you! I know what you mean though. I think I have the same problem with Benefit Coralista (more shimmer than color). While I do like a good sheen, it can’t overpower the color! I still don’t know how I feel about Paul & Joe to be honest. I’ve been resisting it because I don’t go for cute as a general rule, though I’m trying to stay open-minded so maybe some day I’ll finally pick something up!

  2. Hey Taylor,
    It is sad to hear that this product does not satisfy your expectation. I guess most Asian products tend to have high shimmer so what I usually do is to layer this blush on top of other matte blush with similar shade 🙂

  3. This is SO gorgeous on you–perfect shade! That sucks about the shimmer though :/ The 2 shades I have don’t have large shimmer chunks otherwise I would have had problems with them settling into my very large pores, I’m sure 😛

  4. Would love to see a review of that lipstick, their packaging gets me every time. If I had a counter nearby, I’d probably be knee-deep in P&J products by now. The blush looks very lovely on you, too bad about the staying power though. And it’s so true that you have to overapply blush just to get it to show up in photos!

  5. Awww, too bad about the blush! But I thank you for this review-I found a place that sells Paul and Joe and was debating whether to try the blush-you’ve saved me! 🙂

  6. This blush looks SO gorgeous and I absolutely adore the packaging. I’m so disappointed to hear about the subpar wear time though…that’s definitely a deal breaker for me. However, it looks lovely on you and I would also like to request a review of the lipstick 🙂

  7. Aaaw, so sorry to hear about the weartime. That’s such a pity! I love the cute packaging and the colours too. It looks so lovely on your skin, the sheen is subtle enough too. I’m very curious about the lipstick now!

  8. Too bad about the shimmer and wear time – that would definitely make this a ‘skip’ for me as I dislike heavy shimmer and with an oilier skin, I NEED a longer wearing product. It’s so pretty in swatches/photos though!

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