Dreamy Picks April 2013

Some favorites from April …

With the warmer weather and a self-tan I have been sporting a more natural look. A self-tan certainly helps to make that look more obtainable, that and a good skin-care routine. I can attribute two exceptional products for helping my skin to maintain optimal moisture; the Active Moisture Vitamin C Serum* from One Love Organics for day and Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil* for night. These two along with Clinique Even Better Eyes have been my HG on the skin care front.

My Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer has recently made its reappearance, reminding me once again just how much I love this product. This one provides a bit more coverage than your standard TM and provides an exceptional glow. I’ve recently picked up the Edward Bess Quad Royale in ‘Summer in Capri’ which I will be reviewing soon. In short, this bronzing-highlighting-blusher is an absolute beauty which I simply adore!

The It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under-Eye Concealer is a favorite year-round and the ultimate for concealer dark under-eye circles. I included this concealer this month as a must-have for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. The Bye-Bye Under Eye Concealer along with Clinique Even Better Eye Cream, Rohto Cool Eye Drops, and L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara will bring the life back to your eyes. 

On to my tips and toes, Chanel Azure has been a standard for my pedicures, while I have been sporting the white nail trend via Deborah Lippmann’s Amazing Grace. For my lips I have been either opting for my current favorite bright, Dior Addict Extreme in Diablotine or going for a golden-nude lip with some balm and NARS Cythere Velvet Gloss Pencil.

What have been some of your favorites for the month on April?

18 thoughts on “Dreamy Picks April 2013

  1. Love your favorites, Taylor! Can’t wait to read your review of the Edward Bess quad! I got the Secret Affair Blush Extraordinaire and I really love the texture!

  2. I love Bye Bye Under Eye! And it seems to have an unlimited supply in the tube..you definitely get your money’s worth considering a little goes a loooong way. I’ve been loving pastel blue and green polishes and Kai perfume oil!!!

  3. I’ve been debating back and forth about the NARS TM, but you’ve convinced me. It’s the next base product on my to-buy list!

  4. Diablotine is just beautiful, my fav colour out of the new ones (but all are nice *sigh*). Sadly, the Nars TM was too dark for me but the formula was quite nice xxx

  5. Love your faves Taylor! That NARS TM is divine I agree! Probably the best one I’ve ever used!

  6. Love the lip and nail picks in particular! I saw Chanel Azure in person today, and OMG it is beautiful. Can’t wait to read your Edward Bess review. My favorites of the month..hmmm, the new ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes are definitely a contender. The khaki green shade is so beautiful.

  7. What fabulous selections, Taylor! That EB palette looks sooooo interesting; I’ve resisted picking one up, but I can feel my resolve crumbling…..

  8. I’ve heard great things about that It Cosmetics concealer but I’ve never tried it. Also, EB Summer in Capri looks AMAZING. Can’t wait for you review. I really want to get a sample of the NARS TM at some point too – I still can’t believe I’ve never tried it!

  9. I’m also really digging the NARS TM. I’ve already had to ditch my foundation and find that the NARS TM really is amazing. I’ve also been eyeing that Edward Bess Quad Royale. I look forward to the review!

  10. Love your favourites! I especially love Azure and Summer in Capri, I bet the last one is going to look like perfection on you!

  11. Ooh, I haven’t tried the Clinique Even Better eyes, but I used the Even Better foundation for a long time, it’s a nice one. I may need to try the IT Cosmetics concealer, I’ve been on the market for a new undereye concealer and have really liked the IT Cosmetics products I’ve tried 🙂

  12. I really wanted to try the NARS TM but wasn’t sure about some of the ingredients and how it might react with my skin. I might try another sample of it again and give it another go. My faves right now are BITE Quince Matte Pencil, Azure as well, and the NARS Boys Don’t Cry blush I just bought!

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