Highlight, Contour, and Add Color with One Perfect Product. Edward Bess Quad Royale Summer in Capri 03 – swatches & review

The Quad Royale from Edward Bess is a “palette of four coordinated shades to sculp and highlight the face.” The four luminous shades can be used individually or swirled together for all-over color. Summer in Capri is one of the three variations of the Quad Royale palette and is described as a beige-pink. Also available is Monte Carlo 02, a golden coral (reviewed by mybeautysample.com) and South of France 01, a shimmery sand and the lightest of the three (reviewed by indigo-kir-royale.com)


The Quad Royale is a lengthy 4 1/2 inches to accommodate the included brush. I do like the shape of the brush but it is rather rough and does impart heavy pigment, so be light. I would personally rather tote along a separate brush for touch-ups.


The formula is exquisite and blends into the skin beautifully. The powder is incredibly soft and imparts strong pigment. The micro-shimmering particles leave behind a believable luminous glow. I do suggest using a soft brush and a light hand to slowly build up color to your desired intensity. A small soft contour brush is best for applying the colors individually.


Summer in Capri is a collection of peach, mauve, tan, taupe, and pale pink tones. Most often, I first apply the two deepest shade on to the contours of my cheeks and temples. I then apply all four shades swirled together onto my cheeks.


The swatches in both lights are true to their nature as they appear on my monitor. The photo with flash helps to show the gorgeous sheen that this powder possesses although not as well as it does in person. I am personally smitten with the formula and finish. In the image below please note that I have over-applied the blush to help show the color.


Edward Bess Quad Royale in Summer in Capri $45

available at sephora, edwardbessneimanmarcus 

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29 Responses to Highlight, Contour, and Add Color with One Perfect Product. Edward Bess Quad Royale Summer in Capri 03 – swatches & review

  1. I adore this blush palette, but since it’s pretty much summer I’m going for more of a neon/coral/ bright blush phase, this looks perfect for spring and even winter. Such a great palette

  2. SO GORGEOUS are you Taylor! This is beautiful on you. I have it but I rarely wear it for some reason and it’s in my blog sale pile. Maybe I should pull it back out LOL. 🙂 Happy weekend pretty lady!

  3. Larie says:

    You are fantabulously beautiful, Taylor! It’s the perfect shade for you! I haven’t really found any Edward Bess products that wowed me, but now the shades look really really complementary and perfect for contouring.

  4. Yay thanks for the shoutout, Taylor! And OMG–Summer in Capri is so, so lovely on you! I have been wanting this one since buying and falling in love with Monte Carlo. I think this would be the perfect, super subtle blush for spring/summer. I NEED this right now. I had always planned to get it eventually but your post just moved that deadline up for me 😛

  5. Memoiselle says:

    Everything you wore on your face looks gorgeous! I have heard that Edward Bess products are worth trying. I am so wanting to try it now… 😀

  6. Oh, this looks lovely! I’m eyeing the coral one. All in good time 🙂

  7. It looks absolutely amazing in the swatches and on you!

  8. Isabelle says:

    Very pretty! What is it with this brand now. I keep seeing it pop up everywhere.. I haven’t tred anything yet!

  9. I think this palette is just gorgeous. I was just brainstorming about creating a post rounding up all my browny pink products, as I seem so drawn to them (and have a gazillion!)…. I purchased NARS Madly recently and have used it nearly every day since, I’m obsessed. It’s quite along the lines of the shades in this palette. I really must look into Edward Bess, it’s just a brand I haven’t really learned much about yet

    • Thank you so much Catherine. You are so kind!! I’m still discovering EB. I am a huge fan of this formula and do certainly want to try some other palettes. I recently picked up one of his Slick lipsticks and it was so gorgeous as well. I think I have a new brand crush 🙂

  10. Kat says:

    Very, very nice Colour! Give a beautyful Contour. Unfortunately I didn´t have the opportunity to buy Edward Bess Cometics in Germany 😦

  11. This looks AMAZING on your face. It’s like a blush and contour color in one. What are you wearing on the rest of your face by the way? Your skin is so radiant! I really hope I can find an Edward Bess counter soon…I really want to swatch these product in person. When I first saw reviews online they didn’t look that exciting, but the results always blow me away.

    • Thank you MM! I’m wearing a foundation combo, I know… So it’s Fresh Umbrian Clay Foundation in Seventh Veil along with Nars Pure Radiant TM in St. Moritz. The TM gives the skin a gorgeous radiance, if you havnt tried it its just amazing though I think the EB is doing most of the magic here!

  12. ohhh this looks gorgeous on you! 🙂 I go back and forth about monte carlo… i got one once and returned it haha. i wish there were more counters to see this!!

  13. Love this on you ! I need to get my hands on one of these the next time Sephora has a sale

  14. glambunctious says:

    Helloooooo nurse! You look fresh n’ stunning as usual, Taylor. This is one of those products that seems like it was made just for you because it’s *so* flattering on you.

  15. *sigh* that last photo… you look perfect, Taylor! 🙂 It really looks lovely on you.

  16. Hi- is this comparable to Nars Madly?

  17. Oh this looks fabulous on you!! I have the monte carlo palette and love it but I like that this has more tan shades. I’m not sure if they are dark enough to contour on my skin but now I’m dying to find out!

  18. Latoya says:

    Gorgeous! I haven’t tried Edward Bess yet as I feel from what I’ve seen, it might not have enough products that will be deep enough for my skintone. I hope I get to check out the line in person one day though!

  19. You look absolutely gorgeous! Great review and swatches also.


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