Skin Care Round-up II

I have received lots of questions regarding my skin and the products that I use. It’s been a while since I posted an update and I have since discovered some incredible skin care finds. I have seen a difference in my skin as well. I will continue to keep you updated more regularly.

I am an absolute skin-care fanatic. The ingredients and science behind skin care is something that I am genuinely passionate about and the reason for starting this blog. I have always maintained some sort of routine since my early teens and believe it’s never quite to early to start. At 18 I started using anti-aging products as well as high doses of SPF. My time has taught me a lot of lessons, like keeping your skin hydrated at all times. A good moisturizer that is right for your skin type is the key to keeping your skin looking youthful, no matter what the form or price tag. I have also seen better results with more natural based ingredients.

As a background, my skin is generally dry with larger pores that have a tendency to get clogged up with gunk. Chemical exfoliators as well as regular facials are a must to keep my pores clear. I had a bout of acne in my mid-twenties and now I just have the occasional break-outs. I have darker under-eye circles made worse by seasonal allergies. I am 30 and anti-aging is my main concern.



  1. Cleanse – In the mornings I will do a quick cleanse with this non-drying formula while gently exfoliating with a muslin cloth.
  2. Toner – I keep them cool in the refrigerator and apply after cleansing, blotting off excess with a tissue. I use either the Kahina Toning Mist* or Sanitas Hyaluronic Mist.
  3. Serum – I have a whole lot of love for the One Love Organics Vitamin C Serum* which is moisturizing enough to take place of both my serum and daytime moisturizer. Its all-natural and chock-full of exquisite ingredients.
  4. Moisturizer – If I need any extra moisture, which I rarely do, I will apply the Weleda Wild Rose cream.
  5. Eye Cream – The Clinique Even Better Eyes is my eye cream go-to. It’s a little miracle cream that combats fine lines and dark under-eye circles. I love this stuff!
  6. SPF – I will apply my SPF right before makeup either with a makeup primer product or in the form of a sunscreen on the days that I need the extra protection. Currenly using Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer.



  1. The first cleanse – I love cleansing balms and am currently using the Thermal Cleansing Balm from Omorovicza. It smells delightful and works well at removing all traces of makeup. I apply a small amount to the entire face and neck and remove with a hot muslin cloth. While I love this one, i’m not certain I would pick it up again with such a high price tag. I remove excess eye waterproof eye makeup with Maybelline Expert Eyes Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover.
  2. The second cleanse – A facial cleansing machine is a must! I can attribute my clear skin to this little device. I am currently using it along with Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. I will switch up cleansers to include one with salicylic acid when “monthly” break-outs will most likely occur.
  3. Toner – I use the Kahina Toning Mist* in the evenings for an extra dose of moisture.
  4. Facial Oil – Kahina’s Argan Oil* is a moisture remedy for me. It absorbs quickly and intensely hydrates my skin. The quality is the tops when it comes to Argan Oil.
  5. Moisurizer – The Clarins Multi-Active Night is a fantastic moisturizer that I have been using for about two years now. It’s a great option but I will probably pick up something more natural when this one runs out.
  6. Eye Cream – Clinique Even Better Eyes.



  • Origins Clear Improvement – Love this clay mask for a deep cleanse, a go-to for many years.
  • May Lindstrom Clean Dirt – This product is one of pure beauty. It deeply cleanses and exfoliates with the purest of ingredients.
  • Alpha-H – This is my current AHA exfoliant that I use about 2-3 times a week. I was very curious to try this with so much hype surrounding it. It might be a fine exfoliant but it contains a lot of alcohol. I wont be picking it up again.
  • Tammy Fender Epi-Peel* – Currently trialing this all-natural exfoliator sent to me by the lovely for review. It’s quite abrasive and requires a very light hand. Review to come.
  • Kahina Antioxidant Mask* – I do love just about everything Kahina has to offer especially this non-drying clay mask that exfoliates the skin as you remove it.

What are some of your skincare essentials?

*Disclosure – This post contains product(s) sent to me by PR for consideration of review. I do not receive compensation for reviews. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and true to my personal experience.

39 thoughts on “Skin Care Round-up II

  1. Thank you for sharing your routine, Taylor. It is always fun to see how other people care for their skin. We are super happy that you are using and enjoying our Vitamin C serum!

    1. It is my pleasure. Thank you for stopping by. I adore your brand and the Vitamin C serum is an incredible product! I’m. It quite sure how you packed all that moisture in 🙂

  2. I love that you are hooked on CeraVe cleanser too! It’s amazing! I will have to try the Wild Rose Weleda next..I am using the pomegranate now and really like it!

    1. Have you ladies tried the Weleda’s almond one? The smell is delicious and is great for sensitive skin, love it.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been curious about the CeraVe line and Clinique’s even better eyes sounds interesting! I’m still on the quest on finding the right eye cream 🙂

    1. Your very welcome. I have to o that finding an eye cream is not am easy thing to do. To my surprise I adore this one and have seen it help my under eye area. I’m very pleased with it.

  4. I love this post. I love May Lindstrom and Weleda!
    My essentials are Coconut Oil, Osmia Organics face masks, May Lindstrom The Problem Solver, Weleda Iris and Almond Creams, Raw Honey, Turmeric, Triphala, Nutmeg and Vitamin E!

  5. Thanks for this post. I am also loving the One Love Organics Vit C serum. Do you use all of the Once a Week items each week, or just one of the items once a week?

    1. Hi Mary, love that serum. The once a week items I alternate. I see its a bit confusing. I will alternate between them. Exfoliators are used 3x a week alternating. I will use the clay masks 1-2x a week.

  6. I love the Cerave Cleanser and use it in the summer and also the rest of their products too. They work and are affordable and I love them!
    You’ve got a lot of interesting products that I’ve never heard of before like that Clean Dirt! I’d love to try it!

    1. The clean dirt is so gorgeous. The creator is a artist as well as a chef. When I use it my entire house smells as if I’ve just baked a delicious dessert. I have a big crush on the entire brand! It’s an experience using her products.

  7. Very informative post, Taylor! I will have to check out the Clinique eye cream – need a new one soon. I’ve been thinking about getting the new Caudalie one, though!

    I also cleanse my face twice at night (once to remove makeup, the second time to clean thoroughly) and I”m glad I’m not the only one!

  8. As always, Taylor, you have impeccable taste in skin care that always tempts me into adding things to my wish list! Thank you so much for this incredibly thoughtful and informative post.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Love reading through skincare routine posts like these, and yours has got me wanting to try half the things on this list! I’m completely with you on the SPF and argan oil (although I generally switch up the type of oil I’m using). The serum and Clean Dirt both sound so intriguing, definitely doing more research on these when it comes time to update my rotation.

  10. Lovely routine, Taylor! It’s always such a pleasure for me to read skincare routine posts of someone who truly is passionate about skincare, like I am. Unfortunately, I didn’t start taking care of my skin until I was in my 20’s but once I started, I was hooked. Like you, I just LOVE learning about products and their formulations and ingredients!

    I really want to try Kahina next, especially that antioxidant mask. But I really need to make a dent in some of these skincare products I’ve been acquiring lately–my collection is just bursting at the seams! I am excited though–I have some really fun products to start testing. I just received May’s skincare line and have tried The Clean Dirt once only but so far, LOVE SO MUCH!! Also have some Osmia Organics stuff to try so that’ll be fun 🙂

  11. I am looking for a new clay mask. If you had to choose one product between the Clear Improvement, The Clean Dirt and the Antioxidant Mask which would you recommend picking up first?

    1. Hi Megan, sorry for my late reply. So all three masks are very different. The Clean Dirt is more of a Cleanser/exfoliator, you apply as a scrub and rinse off immediately. The Antioxidant Mask is a not really a traditional clay mask. It does contain rhassoul clay which draws out impurities, but it also contains Argan Oil and a ton of antioxidants for hydration and as an anti-ager and it scrubs off for exfoliation. The previous to don’t harden as a traditional clay mask either. So if your looking for a traditional clay mask I would go for the origins. If you have dry skin, I would go for the Kahina!

  12. We have different skin types and so your routine is quite different than mine, but I always find it really fun to see someone else’s skin care regimen! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. Aha! The secrets have been revealed. 🙂

    I like using my Aesop parsley seed face mask and serum every once in a while but I keep it simple and just cleanse and moisturize, usually skipping toner altogether!

    1. Haha. Oh you simple beauty you! I have been very interested to try Aesop, I have not heard a bad word about the brand. I started to introduce toner when more pores trippled I’m size 😦

  14. This is a such a wonderful skin care routine! I have been wanting to try the Tammy Fender line and the Kahina mask. I’m currently using Bioactive healing mask from La Bella Figura and the Barbary Renewal Serum and love those so much. Let us know when you try the Oskia line!

    1. Hi Sofia!
      Thank you so much. The Kahina mask is a beauty. I have been so curious to try something from the La Bella Figura line, I hear such wonderful things. I will certainly keep you updated on the Oskia serum. I’m also currently trying out the RMS beauty oil and loving it 🙂

  15. Love seeing skin care routines. You have got a great line of products!! I have dark under eye circles as well, and would love to give that Clinique eye cream a try. MLS & Kahina products are just a dream to use, I love them too. I also hear so many good things about that Origin’s clay mask!

  16. …and now I want to buy everything you’ve mentioned here, Taylor. LOL! the only thing I’ve tried is the Clinique eye cream, which I like a lot – great texture and just the right amount of moisture – but I was hoping for it to combat my dark circles and after two months is use, it hasn’t 😦 But maybe I’m expecting miracles lol. Great, informative post!! 😀

  17. Hey lady!
    I was wondering what you plan to switch to after your Omorovicza cleansing balm is finished? Would you try Emma Hardy’s? I’m on the look out for a good cleansing balm and almost fainted at the price of Omorovicza!!


    1. Hi Angela. I agree, the price is outrageous! I hear wonderful things about the Emma Hardie though Its difficult to get in the US. I’m very curious to try the Aurelia Cleanser which is moderately priced. The ingredients sound amazing. I think I might go with that one or the one from Suti.

  18. Hi Taylor,
    Which cleanser you use that contains salicylic acid? would it be better to alterne it with other cleanser or to use it individually ?

    In one of your previews skin care routines you mentionned retinol. I am wondering if it still your best anti aging?

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Thara.
      I was using Biore Deep Pore Cleanser that contains Salysilic, however u did stop because it was to harsh for my skin. I am currently using Pure Manuka Honey as a cleanser and to control acne. Retinol is still my number one. I use gentler versions found in my RMS Oil and in Rose

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