TanOrganic – The safe and Healthy Self-Tanner – review

We have repeatedly been warned about the dangerous effects that the sun has on our skin. Baking in the sun is a no-no! Using a self-tanning product is the safer option, but perhaps not the healthiest. Self-tanners are loaded with chemicals, not to mention the offensive smell. I’m a bit of a self-tanning buff, I feel just a bit more confident with a tan. I will utilize a self-tanner two times a week all summer long. So, when TanOrganic sent me over some products for review I was nothing less than thrilled to discover this all natural and organic alternative for a healthy tan.

TanOrganic is the first Eco-Certified Self-Tanning Brand. This award-winning Aloe Vera based tanner is created without synthetic colors, preservatives or parabens. It has a delightful lemon scent and dries completely odorless. The formula moisturizes as it develops while delivering anti-aging benefits. TanOrganic’s formula easily stands against the more popular self-tanning brands.

TanOrganic’s aloe based formula is a light liquid that quickly absorbs into skin. The liquid is slightly tinted which helps to guide you. Application is incredibly easy and pretty foolproof when using the self-tanning mitt, which is a must. TanOrganic feels lightweight and doesn’t leave a tacky feel behind. The Tanner takes about eight hours to develop and I recommend doing it overnight. It leaves you with a very natural and believable tan which is also great for lighter skin tones. For a darker tan I recommend back to back applications.


  • Tanning Mitt – This mitt is a must-have. It protects hands while providing ease of application and a seemless tan. It also helps you to utilize less product. (here)
  • Tan-Erase – This exfoliating glove is perfect for pre and post application. Use it all over the body, concentrating on areas that need extra attention. I love the way the mitt fits over your hand, it’s very easy to use and not too abrasive. (here)
  • OilArganic – A multi-use dry oil that contains eight oils to moisturize skin, hair, nails, and to improve overall appearance of stretch marks or scars. This oil dries quickly without leaving any residue behind and smells of the Orange Peel Oil it contains. I like to apply the oil pre-tan to extra dry areas to protect against patching. The oil alone isn’t moisturizing enough for my extra dry skin, but is great for pre-tanning. (here)


A little before and after: My right leg shows my natural skin tone. TanOrganic has been applied to my left leg and left on to fully develop.

You can find further information on TanOrganic on their website TanOrganic.com as well as an instructional video.

*Disclosure – This posts contains products sent to My Lucite Dreams for consideration of review. I do not receive compensation for my reviews. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and based on my personal experience. All links in post are there strictly available for your convenience.

10 thoughts on “TanOrganic – The safe and Healthy Self-Tanner – review

    1. Yes! Sans the stink. That smell never seems to dissipate. I didn’t have a chance to tan the other leg and went to the doctor donning Capri leggings and flip flops… I pointed it out to the dr before she ordered more bloodwork 🙂

  1. I’m comlpletely new to the whole tanning thing, I just don’t really like it on myself I guess? Altho I do appreciate some nice tanned legs lately, you can’t go wrong with those, lol. Sounds like an excellent line, I always heard that these tanners have an aweful scent, kinda makes me curious, hehe ^^.

    1. You must smell a Loreal tanner, lol.
      I have always loved a good tan, it makes me feel good. When I self tan my face I can go without makeup. You my dear are perfect as so but I do love that Guerlain bronzer you reviewed, I wonder what that smells like 🙂

  2. I don’t like to look tanned. I avoid the sun if I can. That said, your legs do look great bronzed. Also, I swear I’m not a pervert, but you have a great set of legs there. Workout much?

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