Lippy Love with MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in #38

If you like a long-lasting lipstick that provides intense pigment in one swipe the Rough Artist Intense lipstick from MAKE UP FOR EVER is one to try. The Rouge Artist Intense range is formulated with 50% more pigment than other lipsticks and is available in an extensive selection of fifty shades with three different finishes.


The Rouge Artist Intense lipstick packs a serious amount of pigment! I was a bit taken back by just how one swipe delivered such vibrant and opaque color. The fuss-free formula glides on easy and stays on through hours of wear. The texture is creamy and carries a bit of weight because the formula is so densely pigmented. The Intense shades wont budge and I can’t imagine they should ever bleed into lip lines.


(one swipe)

Rouge Artist Intense in #38 is described as a satin coral though I would  describe it as a Salmon Pink. It has a violet scent that is prominent upon application. This shade is such a beauty and has the ability to brighten up your entire face. I can imagine that this one will be getting a ton of wear from me this summer.


(wearing #38)

MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Intense $20

available at

27 thoughts on “Lippy Love with MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in #38

  1. You had me at long-lasting and intense pigment! You look SO frickking fantastic with #38! I think I got a mini red one a while ago, but I still haven’t got around to trying it yet! Time to bust it out and see if I’ll like the formula as much as you do!

  2. Eeeee, so pretty on you! I was a bit worried that it would look too dry but it actually has a bit of a shine on you! Perfect colour, it goes so well with a lot of looks and it’s really a ‘Taylor’ shade to me ^^.

  3. You look amazing Taylor! I think those lippies are very underrated, I like them a lot. The only thing that is ‘ok’ aka not so good – is the packaging imo, I wish they would change it 😛 I really like MUFE, such an underrated brand! xxx

    1. I agree! They always deliver top quality. I adore they’re Aqua lines. I feel like it’s one of those brands you can seek out, find what you need, and meet expectations. xoxo

  4. This looks lovely on you, as always! I’ve been curious about these lipsticks. When they first came out I remember seeing this chart that suggested the most flattering shades based on your undertones and coloring. These sorts of pinks really are so complexion brightening 🙂

  5. Looks beautiful on you, as always! I think my lips wouldn’t agree though.. They’re mostly super dry so I don’t think they can handle this.

  6. What a gorgeous lipstick! And it looks beautiful on you 🙂 I haven’t tried anything from MUFE yet, but I just might have to get this lipstick now!
    x B

  7. You don’t have I convince me these are great Taylor – I have four or five shades and they’ve all impressed the heck outta me 🙂 This shade is gorgeous on you and yes, you’ll definitely get a huge use out of it this season!!

  8. That color goes beautifully with your complexion! I love MUFE Rouge Artist Intense lippies! They are VERY addictive and you can’t just have one! 🙂

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