Rouge Bunny Rouge: When Birds are Singing Long-lasting Eye Shadow in Bohemian Waxing – swatches & review

Rouge Bunny Rouge is a Moscow/London-based brand that you might not be familiar with, yet. This cult favorite brand is quickly gaining attention all over the beauty world. Along with whimsical and fantastical detailing and design, the brand delivers quality with “first-class ingredients.” Rouge Bunny Rouge “promises to enhance natural beauty” while “blurring the lines between make-up and skin care.” discover

When Birds are Singing Long-lasting Eye Shadow’s come in a selection of 28 shades, each with the name of the bird whose song it inspired. Each shadow contains 2 grams and is housed in a black plastic compact decorated by a single white dandelion seed. The shadow is embossed with the R and R logo. A mirror is located under the lid.


Bohemian Waxing is described as an iridescent bronzed champagne and in the pot that seems a perfect description. However, once swatched, the shade reads more taupe on me, especially on the eye. I am sure the shade will translate differently on other skin tones. The Long-lasting Eye Shadow formula is a stunner, with a soft and creamy quality. It melts into skin beautifully, blending into your skin’s natural texture. A light wash of shadow provides a luminous and almost wet appearance. The shadow layers well for more dramatic look. The micro-fine shimmer particles glisten beautifully


(layered in the above image)


(wearing Bohemian Waxing)


My first taste of the Rouge Bunny Rouge has me quite impressed and further intrigued to discover what other beauties this brand has to offer.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting Eye Shadow $25

Currently only available for US delivery at

 Have you tried the Rouge Bunny Rouge brand? What are some must-try products from the brand?

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21 Responses to Rouge Bunny Rouge: When Birds are Singing Long-lasting Eye Shadow in Bohemian Waxing – swatches & review

  1. Sunny says:

    Hey Taylor, it’s great to see this on you! It’s beautiful! I’ve tried some other stuff from Rouge Bunny Rouge (Abyssinian Catbird, Embrace of Cashmere, Orpheline), and I love it all!

  2. tomate farcie says:

    Their “liquid” shadows are sublime. . . especially for the summer months!

  3. Annick says:

    Rouge Bunny Rouge is available for international shipping on 🙂 I’ve ordered from them before. Actually, I ordered Bohemian Waxwing! And I love it too! Such a gorgeous shade on you! I wear mine all the time.

  4. wheetnee says:

    A brand in London?! I will keep an eye out for it when I head there this week! It looks great alone on you! Did you use a brush or your fingers to layer it on?

  5. Teri says:

    Such a great pick Taylor! It’s a great shade on you, bronzed shades are the best on you! Totally going to pick it up next order ^^.

  6. tami says:

    super pretty!

  7. Carina says:

    I have an eyeshadow single (Solstice Halcyon), a liner (in Lola, go get it!!!), and a lipstick (Whim of Mine). So far, I’m impressed, but as it isn’t readily available here, I’m a little wary of trying to get more. This shade looks beautiful on you, though!

  8. RBR is everywhere on my blog read list! I think it’s a sign… LOL!

  9. This is amazingly beautiful on you Taylor! Everything you wear on you gorgeous face I want!

  10. Kelly says:

    Wow this looks amazing on you! Like the shade was made for your skin tone. I have yet to try this brand. I haven’t heard a negative thing yet. Someday…I have been eying Delicate Hummingbird e/s and Gracilis blush

  11. I’ve been hearing so much about this brand for the past couple of years. Their eyeshadows in particular seem to be a blogger favorite. This one is gorgeous. Sometimes neutrals like this look great in swatches but not so much on the eyes, but I think this translates even better to your lids, which is saying something since it already looks so magical in the swatch. Really need to get around to trying their shadows one of these days. They look worth washing my brushes for!

  12. Head over heels in love, it looks so pretty!

  13. Renee says:

    Ahhh! Must order it it’s gorgeous! What blush/lip gloss did you pair it with if you don’t mind me asking 🙂

  14. Larie says:

    Ahhh, Taylor, you look so summery! I love how effortless this shadow looks on you. Love the lip color, too! What is it?

  15. Latoya says:

    Agree with Larie, this shade just looks so effortless! It blends so beautifully. I only have a blush from RBR but I think I need to pick up a few of these shadows too, they’re all too beautiful!

  16. I think this is really, really pretty. I love that it doesn’t pull too purpley or too brown – it’s just one of those colors that’s no single shade. It looks so polished yet understated

  17. L e n a says:

    my lemmings for makeup are hibernating lately, but I feel that they might wake up whenever I see some RRB posts like this. this color is so gorgeous! love your natural glowing FOTD pics, Taylor!

  18. Tiffany says:

    You look absolutely beautiful here! I love everything about this look, from your eyeshadow to your cheeks and lips. I actually just placed another RBR order last week and almost got this because of you, but I had to stop myself because I’ve been accumulating too many eyeshadows lately!

    • A thank you much love. I am so crazy to discover more RBR, it’s definitely my current brand crush. I can’t wait to see what you have picked up! So I can see what I must pick up! Lol

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